Sioux City Gay Cruising Areas

  • I-29 Rest Area - Port Neal

    , Sioux City

    Crowd: Tourists, truckers, several types from the surrounding area.

    rating of I-29 Rest Area - Port Neal

    2180 Votes

  • War Eagle Park

    War Eagle Dr/W 4th St, Sioux City

    Crowd: There is usually quite a mix of people here, young, old, married, single, some hetero couples.

    rating of War Eagle Park

    1618 Votes

  • Sargeant Floyd Monument

    , Sioux City

    This is a small, very private, park with
    two parking lots. The toilet is only open
    in summer, but there are great trails in
    the woods for cruising & action.

    rating of Sargeant Floyd Monument

    1568 Votes

  • Riverfront Park

    , Sioux City

    ruisy park with long drive along the
    river. Several cruisy restrooms, shelters,
    and trails. Avoid the riverboat area (no
    action), but try further west under the
    Crowd: Lots ...

    rating of Riverfront Park

    1304 Votes

  • HyVee Softball Complex

    Harbor Drive, Sioux City

    Depending on the nights, after the softball games there is cruising in the restrooms. Some nights there are cops patrolling the area. Just keep an eye out.

    rating of HyVee Softball Complex

    1466 Votes