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  • Valijant Shop Cinema

    Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

    This is a sexshop with cabins and a small cinema that doesn't seem to be open all the time. It is on a small street behind the Canadian Embassy. It wa

  • Why Not Bar

    Bars Clubs

    Not so atractive place but everyday you find many people there. Becouse of view of the place people call it "Dupka" or Deep in English.
    Crowd: All

  • Terminal

    Cruising Areas

    Could someone help out with this listing by posting a comment? Is this the Bus Terminal A or Terminal B? The Railroad Station? Thanks!
    Crowd: Every

  • City Mall GTC toilets

    Toilelts, Washrooms

    Some of the toilets have gloryholes. Some other have only mobile numbers.
    Crowd: Everyone.