Spartanburg Gay Cruising Areas

  • Westgate Mall J C Penney

    205 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg

    has 3 urinals and 2 stalls...two of the urinals have no partition between each other and are very close for playing.
    Crowd: shoppers

    rating of Westgate Mall J C Penney

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  • Westgate Mall Belks 2nd Floor

    205 West Blackstock Road,Spartanburg S.C., Spartanburg

    Loud door,long wall inside so theres PLENTY OF RECOVERY TIME.
    Crowd: Teens,younger guys,shoppers

    rating of Westgate Mall Belk's 2nd Floor

    1316 Votes

  • Academy Sports

    100 Peachwood Centre Dr, Spartanburg

    This is the perfect spot for some understall action! Plenty of space in the stalls and plenty of recovery time, just be smart!

    rating of Academy Sports

    2150 Votes

  • Cowpens National Battlefield Trailhead

    Hwy 11, Spartanburg

    Parking area for Cowpens National Battlefield. This parking lot has access across the street to the national park. you can have access to the entire walking trail system from this park.

    rating of Cowpens National Battlefield Trailhead

    1348 Votes

  • Wal-Mart

    2151 East Main St, Spartanburg

    ay-away restrooms have great peepholes between stalls to watch each other jack and have understall action. bring a very small screwdriver or something skinny and sharp because janitors keep trying to ...

    rating of Wal-Mart

    1558 Votes

  • Pilot

    , Spartanburg

    There are two stalls and two urinals with no dividers.
    Crowd: Travelers, truck drivers, young guys.

    rating of Pilot

    1763 Votes

  • Milliken Road

    , Spartanburg

    Past the pond, up the trail to the woods. There's trails inside.
    Crowd: A variety of people.

    rating of Milliken Road

    2481 Votes

  • Cleveland Park

    , Spartanburg

    he park is about a mile out of Spartanburg. All of the parking lots along the circle drive are cruisy, but the most active is the one by the restrooms. Guys cruise from their vehicles at lunch hour an ...

    rating of Cleveland Park

    1517 Votes

  • Party City

    150 E. Blackstock Rd, Spartanburg

    Located between CiCi's Pizza & OfficeMax. There is a private restroom in the back of the store. Lots of room to play.

    rating of Party City

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