Stillwater Gay Cruising Areas

  • Boomer Lake East Bathroom

    North Husband , Stillwater

    It's a public restroom on the east side of Boomer Lake. It's right off from the sidewalk at boomer and there is parking with it.

    rating of Boomer Lake East Bathroom
  • OSU - Student Union

    2nd floor student union , Stillwater

    The second floor bathroom at the far south west end of the building.

    rating of OSU - Student Union
  • Couch Park

    Perkins Rd , Stillwater

    Crowd: College guys needing to get off.

    rating of Couch Park
  • Wal-Mart

    City Center , Stillwater

    Activity is mostly under , but restroom lay out allows for warning of approach.
    Crowd: college types from the University ***br***close by.

    rating of Wal-Mart
  • Sandborn Lake

    , Stillwater

    Update 12/1/2008: Sandborn doesn't have any public restrooms. Boomer is the lake that does. Sandborn doesn't see as much activity as it used to but it can still be fun from time to time.Families are o ...

    rating of Sandborn Lake
  • Cimmarron Turnpike

    I-410 west of Tulsa , Stillwater

    Rural and nicely secluded, lots of truckers late at night.
    Crowd: Back in the bushes during the day, quick blow jobs happen. Occasional at night you'll find a hot trucker to climb in with.

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  • Edmin Low Library

    OK State campus , Stillwater

    Crowd: College guys.

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