Stockton-on-Tees Gay Cruising Areas

  • Thornaby Pavillion

    Thornaby town center, Stockton-on-Tees

    Upstairs, realy quite in changing rooms. showers and toilets. Good place to meet. People on the desk so its best to use the gym or use the place so no one suspects anything.

    rating of Thornaby Pavillion

    1609 Votes

  • Tees Barrage

    Tees Barrage Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees

    The path goes in to a realy quiet nature reserve and is always quiet excellent place.
    Crowd: All kinds mainly young lads sometimes get the odd older person there.

    rating of Tees Barrage

    3792 Votes

  • Wellington Square

    Bishopton Lane between Victoria & Norton Rd., Stockton-on-Tees

    There clean with 3 cubicles
    and 3 urinals.
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Wellington Square

    2632 Votes

  • Tesco Durham Road Stockton

    Durham road, Stockton-on-Tees

    Behind the Roseworth Social Club, where there is a field. Roseworth Social Club on Junction road has a car park. Park there and walk down lane behind.

    rating of Tesco Durham Road Stockton

    2062 Votes

  • A66 Layby

    , Stockton-on-Tees

    rating of A66 Layby

    2514 Votes

  • The Riverside Stockton

    Finkle Street, Stockton-on-Tees

    Crowd: Everyone young and old

    rating of The Riverside Stockton

    2052 Votes

  • Wynyard Country Park

    , Stockton-on-Tees

    car park 1 and 2 next to woodland path walk, very quiet and secluded
    Crowd: everyone

    rating of Wynyard Country Park

    1372 Votes

  • Ropner Park

    Hartburn Lane, Stockton-on-Tees

    Crowd: All types

    rating of Ropner Park

    1461 Votes

  • B Q Do It Yourself

    , Stockton-on-Tees

    rating of B & Q  Do It Yourself

    1402 Votes

  • outside woolworths

    stockton high street, Stockton-on-Tees

    Crowd: all men all ages

    rating of outside woolworths

    1455 Votes

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