Surrey Gay Cruising Areas

  • South End of Watershed Park in Surrey

    HWY 10 and HWY 99, Surrey

    he is a new spot, but accessible to a great deal of people, especially those who do not wish to have their cars seen. Watershed Park is Huge and private. I know I will start going there.
    Bear Cree ...

    rating of South End of Watershed Park in Surrey

    4035 Votes

  • Surrey Place Mall

    King George Highway, Surrey

    irst Washroom (foodcourt): About 5 urinals in row and two stalls. No barriers in between urinals.

    Second Washroom: Row or urinals and stalls. No barriers inbetween urinals.
    Crowd: University ...

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    4098 Votes

  • Costco

    , Surrey

    Crowd: Men of all types from Asian, east Indian to white men.

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    2309 Votes

  • Bear Creek Park

    , Surrey

    here's a walkway off of 140th near a white building: it leads down in the woods and over a bridge. It forks but it's just a large circle, so you can't get lost.
    Crowd: A few hot guys; some older, t ...

    rating of Bear Creek Park

    4020 Votes

  • Green Timbers Park

    , Surrey

    ost times there are older people in and around the parking lot watching for suspicious people. frustrating when you are trying to cruise.All thru the park especially off the beaten trails.
    Crowd: M ...

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    3634 Votes

  • Hi-Knoll Park Parking Lot

    , Surrey

    Small little parking lot on north side with trails on south and north side of road.

    rating of Hi-Knoll Park Parking Lot

    1782 Votes

  • Evergreen Mall

    152nd & 88th, Surrey

    One and one . is large enough to have 3 men in it at once. No security there.
    Crowd: All ages and all types.

    rating of Evergreen Mall

    1683 Votes

  • Guildford Town Centre The Bay

    2695 Guildford Town Centre, Surrey

    rating of Guildford Town Centre The Bay

    2498 Votes

  • Zellers

    Surrey Place Mall - King George Highway, Surrey

    ots of writing on the walls. Just drop to your knees and let someone on your hard . Show your and let someone you. Hear those Club Z points ring up! *UPDATE August 2002: one door removed from entr ...

    rating of Zellers

    2260 Votes

  • Nicomekl Road Park and Go

    , Surrey

    Great place to pull up and get off or to someone else off in your car or someone else's.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Nicomekl Road Park and Go

    1590 Votes

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