Swindon Gay Cruising Areas

  • Marlborough Road

    On Marlborough Rd Swindon, Swindon

    Crowd: Mixed ages

    rating of Marlborough Road

    3181 Votes

  • Adsa

    West Swindon Centre, Swindon

    cruiser Update:
    The toilets upstairs are not good as one of the traps are closed permanently since November.
    Crowd: Everyone. I had an 18 year old here once and I've seen granddads.

    rating of Adsa

    3771 Votes

  • Gorse Hill

    , Swindon

    rating of Gorse Hill

    2196 Votes

  • Faringdon Road Park

    , Swindon

    simple large expanse of green park partially enclosed to the centre of the town, with gardens, bushes & trees.
    There is activity most evenings and although the council have thinned out a lot of bu ...

    rating of Faringdon Road Park

    3053 Votes

  • Stratton Woods Kingsdown Park

    Off Kingsdown Road, Swindon

    A large area with trees and bushes to supply shelter where needed ;-)
    Crowd: Ideal for most things. The car park is off the main road and there are plenty of out of the way places for fun

    rating of Stratton Woods (Kingsdown Park)

    5609 Votes

  • M4 Junction 16

    Behind Travel Inn, Swindon

    Crowd: Business men staying at the JCT16

    rating of M4 Junction 16

    2755 Votes

  • Membury Services

    East Bound M4, Swindon

    Washroom with shower, part of a motorway service station
    Crowd: Truck drivers, Company Reps, Couriers, All sorts.

    rating of Membury Services

    1663 Votes

  • Turn Pike

    Turnpike Road Blunsden , Swindon, SN2 4EA, Swindon

    lot of fun to be had in your car or back of a nice lads van if your lucky. But you can go into the bush area. This is where the group sessions seem to take place.
    Crowd: I have seen & had a few n ...

    rating of Turn Pike

    2926 Votes

  • Town Gardens Rose Garden

    Quarry Road, Swindon

    Toilets are small and the cubical doors are hung high (you would be able to see if two people were in the same cubical) there is still room for some / fun
    Crowd: Mixture of people

    rating of Town Gardens Rose Garden

    1346 Votes

  • Stanton Park

    Highworth Road, Swindon

    rating of Stanton Park

    1182 Votes

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