Syracuse Gay Cruising Areas

  • I-90 Rest Area

    , Syracuse

    usiest Rest Stop on I-90 Holes in portable bathroom walls. Trucker Heaven. Spent a lot of time in the sleepers with truckers taking it every way I could. Sometimes there is action in the portable bath ...

    rating of I-90 Rest Area

    4376 Votes

  • I-81Central Square Southbound Rest Area

    , Syracuse

    Seen action in the bathroom, picnic tables, even in cars in the parking lot.
    Crowd: Truckers and many locals.

    rating of I-81Central Square Southbound Rest Area

    5015 Votes

  • Carousel Mall Kaufmanns Dept Store

    9509 Carousel Center,, Syracuse

    have had many men here. Once I had a guy who had his son in a stroller. We each other off. Also had a kid lay back and let me service his big, hairy and shoot his load on my face. Had another guy w ...

    rating of Carousel Mall Kaufmann's Dept. Store

    4919 Votes

  • Galleries

    Salina Street, Syracuse

    Crowd: Young, older, black, latino, guys just looking to get as well as .

    rating of Galleries

    2088 Votes

  • Lincoln Park

    , Syracuse

    Small neighborhood park with lots of wooded paths and bushes.
    Crowd: Variety

    rating of Lincoln Park

    1798 Votes

  • Marshall Street Parking Lot

    , Syracuse

    Be discreet!
    Crowd: College kids.

    rating of Marshall Street Parking Lot

    1697 Votes

  • Teall Grant Blvd Parking Lot

    , Syracuse

    Wide open parking lot.
    Crowd: Hopefully hung and built.

    rating of Teall amp Grant Blvd Parking Lot

    1994 Votes

  • Elmwood Park

    , Syracuse

    rating of Elmwood Park

    1482 Votes

  • Thornden Park

    , Syracuse

    Crowd: I've seen all different types

    rating of Thornden Park

    2573 Votes

  • OCC Bldg A and W

    Onondaga Hill, Syracuse

    Crowd: College students.

    rating of OCC Bldg A and W

    1766 Votes

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