Syracuse Gay Cruising Areas

  • Three Rivers

    Sixty Road andPotter Road , Syracuse

    It's a park type place so lots of trails to go on to be hidden. Most guys wait in cars and flash lights if they are looking. The area is commonly called Potter road. Not a park with playgrounds pick n ...

    rating of Three Rivers
  • Teall Grant Blvd Parking Lot

    , Syracuse

    Wide open parking lot.
    Crowd: Hopefully hung and built.

    rating of Teall amp Grant Blvd Parking Lot
  • Clinton Street Spa

    321 North Clinton St, Syracuse NY 13202 , Syracuse

    cruiser update 6/16/2008: still no activity on completion of hot tub. apparently management doesn't see the need.
    cruiser update 1/14/08: Hot tub still not working. No imput from the employees when ...

    rating of Clinton Street Spa
  • Inner Harbor-Onondoga Creek Walk

    , Syracuse

    Paved walkway that runs along Onondoga Creek. Park benches and trees, and woods. Across the creek is the harbor, docks with boat electrical and water hook ups. Plenty of places to cruse two parking lo ...

    rating of Inner Harbor-Onondoga Creek Walk
  • I-81Central Square Southbound Rest Area

    , Syracuse

    Seen action in the bathroom, picnic tables, even in cars in the parking lot.
    Crowd: Truckers and many locals.

    rating of I-81Central Square Southbound Rest Area
  • I-90 Rest Area

    , Syracuse

    Busiest Rest Stop on I-90 Holes in portable bathroom walls. Trucker Heaven. Spent a lot of time in the sleepers with truckers taking it every way I could. Sometimes there is action in the portable bat ...

    rating of I-90 Rest Area
  • Carousel Mall Kaufmanns Dept Store

    9509 Carousel Center, , Syracuse

    I have had many men here. Once I had a guy who had his son in a stroller. We each other off. Also had a kid lay back and let me service his big, hairy and shoot his load on my face. Had another guy ...

    rating of Carousel Mall Kaufmann's Dept. Store
  • Thornden Park

    , Syracuse

    Crowd: I've seen all different types

    rating of Thornden Park
  • Lincoln Park

    , Syracuse

    Small neighborhood park with lots of wooded paths and bushes.
    Crowd: Variety

    rating of Lincoln Park
  • Marshall Street Parking Lot

    , Syracuse

    Be discreet!
    Crowd: College kids.

    rating of Marshall Street Parking Lot
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