Tacoma Gay Cruising Areas

  • DeLong Park-DeLong Wetlands

    4700 S 12th St., Tacoma

    Trails are worn, there are signs everywhere that there is activity.
    Crowd: Usually younger guys that just need servicing.

    rating of DeLong Park-DeLong Wetlands

    3193 Votes

  • Wapato Park Washrooms

    72nd St, Tacoma

    public county park. Also a nice place for picnics. Large parking area.
    Crowd: Guys looking for early morning and lunchtime fun. Have seen guys from 19 -50 of age. Got a great blow from 20-somethin ...

    rating of Wapato Park Washrooms

    3915 Votes

  • Borders Books

    2508 S. 38th St, Tacoma

    Just go to the bathrooms and get some action, or just watch through the holes.
    Crowd: Lots of men looking for other men.

    rating of Borders Books

    2369 Votes

  • Fred Meyer 19th Stevens

    4505 S 19th St, Tacoma

    Crowd: all types..

    rating of Fred Meyer (19th & Stevens)

    3217 Votes

  • Wright Park

    , Tacoma

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Wright Park

    1938 Votes

  • Nature Center at Snake Lake

    1919 S Tyler St, Tacoma

    The path to the farthest end of the lake is like being out in the woods.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Nature Center at Snake Lake

    1687 Votes

  • Tacoma State-CPS building

    Right off of 19th, across from a 7 - 11, Tacoma

    hird floor bathroom is the best choice, not too many people, but just enough men looking for a quick break during lunch, or the hot men at appointments looking for a break and some hot action. Mostly ...

    rating of Tacoma State-CPS building

    2418 Votes

  • University Place Fred Meyer

    Bridgeport Way, Tacoma

    Crowd: All types of guys.

    rating of University Place Fred Meyer

    1616 Votes

  • Narrows Plaza Bowl

    2200 Mildred St W Tacoma, WA, Tacoma

    Lots of room for under action.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

    rating of Narrows Plaza Bowl

    1745 Votes

  • Home Depot Spanaway

    101 E 152nd Street, Tacoma

    Men's Restroom has two or three stalls. No door to entrance of bathroom, just have to listen for people coming in.

    rating of Home Depot Spanaway

    1371 Votes