Tacoma Gay Cruising Areas

  • DeLong Park-DeLong Wetlands

    4700 S 12th St. , Tacoma

    Trails are worn, there are signs everywhere that there is activity.
    Crowd: Usually younger guys that just need servicing.

    rating of DeLong Park-DeLong Wetlands
  • Borders Books

    2508 S. 38th St , Tacoma

    Just go to the bathrooms and get some action, or just watch through the holes.
    Crowd: Lots of men looking for other men.

    rating of Borders Books
  • Fred Meyer 19th Stevens

    4505 S 19th St , Tacoma

    Crowd: all types..

    rating of Fred Meyer (19th & Stevens)
  • Wright Park

    , Tacoma

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Wright Park
  • Nature Center at Snake Lake

    1919 S Tyler St , Tacoma

    The path to the farthest end of the lake is like being out in the woods.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Nature Center at Snake Lake
  • Tacoma State-CPS building

    Right off of 19th, across from a 7 - 11 , Tacoma

    Third floor bathroom is the best choice, not too many people, but just enough men looking for a quick break during lunch, or the hot men at appointments looking for a break and some hot action. Mostl ...

    rating of Tacoma State-CPS building
  • Wapato Park Washrooms

    72nd St , Tacoma

    A public county park. Also a nice place for picnics. Large parking area.
    Crowd: Guys looking for early morning and lunchtime fun. Have seen guys from 19 -50 of age. Got a great blow from 20-somethi ...

    rating of Wapato Park Washrooms
  • University Place Fred Meyer

    Bridgeport Way , Tacoma

    Crowd: All types of guys.

    rating of University Place Fred Meyer
  • Narrows Plaza Bowl

    2200 Mildred St W Tacoma, WA , Tacoma

    Lots of room for under action.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

    rating of Narrows Plaza Bowl
  • Home Depot Spanaway

    101 E 152nd Street , Tacoma

    Men's Restroom has two or three stalls. No door to entrance of bathroom, just have to listen for people coming in.

    rating of Home Depot Spanaway