Tel Aviv Gay Cruising Areas

  • Shpigale park

    , Tel Aviv

    Alot of action between the bushes. Walk around the paths and grab your .
    Crowd: Locals 18 to 45,solders,and some Arabs.

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  • Independence Park

    , Tel Aviv

    VERY busy, all times of year, lots of straight men looking for quickies, some army boys spotted in uniform behind bushes
    Crowd: Army boys, married men, dog walkers!

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    5200 Votes

  • Central Bus Station

    Most busses go to the central station, Tel Aviv

    You can wait with an idiot next to you who won't leave for hours, or you can get a few good guys one after the other. High percentage of cruisers. Watch out for security.
    Crowd: Very mixed.

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    1950 Votes

  • Art Hotel

    Ben Yehuda 35, Tel Aviv

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    260 Votes


    Lilienblum 18, Tel Aviv

    Bistro - Restaurant

    rating of ASSIF

    239 Votes

  • Ashmoret Bar

    Rothschild 10, Tel Aviv

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    277 Votes


    Ben Yehuda 119/121, Tel Aviv

    Gay owned Superior holiday apartments for short and long-term rentals in the center of all gay activities.


    371 Votes


    Hayarkon 156, Tel Aviv

    rating of BAZEL HOTEL

    174 Votes


    Allenbi 98 , Tel Aviv

    rating of B'EIT A'SHOEVA

    236 Votes

  • BIG BOYS at the Theater Club

    Yearushalaym ave 10, Tel Aviv

    Thursdays for 29+ years old

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    578 Votes