Tempe Gay Cruising Areas

  • Surfside Skate

    1526 E Weber Drive, Tempe

    his is a Skating Rink and a great place to have fun and meet someone or two or three! Be respectful of everyone. There is an organist who plays for you and modern music too. Make sure to tip the guy, ...

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  • Arizona State University Library Tempe Campus

    425 E University Dr, Tempe

    University library.
    Crowd: Campus guys business men preps all kinds

    rating of Arizona State University  Library (Tempe Campus)

    3065 Votes

  • Park On Curry-CollegeNW corner

    , Tempe

    any paths to follow. Some big, open areas for group play. One good place in the back area is best for privacy and enough warning of others. If stream flowing, play areas are limited. Can even play out ...

    rating of Park On Curry-College(NW corner)

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  • Canal Park

    , Tempe

    esert park with a lagoon surrounding an island. Walk around the lake and check out the men! Careful not to disturb the folks fishing. Occasional straight couples after dark, but rarely. Have seen cops ...

    rating of Canal Park

    1914 Votes

  • Arizona State University Farmer Education Bldg

    Between Mill Ave & Rural Rd -- north of Apache, Tempe

    here are three places always happening: (1)The Farmer Education Bldg -- 4 floors of bathrooms on both sides of the building. Small bathrooms w/2 stalls and urinals facing opposite. Start w/the 1st flo ...

    rating of Arizona State University Farmer Education Bldg

    3528 Votes

  • ASU Coor Building formerly Bathroom Glory Hole

    Coor uilding at ASU., Tempe

    A between the two stalls in the bathroom.
    Crowd: College guys.

    rating of ASU Coor Building (formerly Bathroom Glory Hole).

    6977 Votes

  • Mouer Park

    , Tempe

    A very large park with lots of private areas for activity.

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    2076 Votes

  • Papago Park

    , Tempe

    UYS WE LOST IT!!! They are puting up a chain link fence along the trail so our cool "rabbit holes" have been blocked off!
    One open spot still left and the entrance of the trails.
    Police are on t ...

    rating of Papago Park

    1788 Votes

  • Kiwanis Park

    6111 S All American Way, Tempe

    rating of Kiwanis Park

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  • Mission Palms Hotel

    Just off Mill Ave, Tempe

    Crowd: College guys looking to get off.

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    1860 Votes

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