Tifton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Handy Andy Convenient Store

    , Tifton

    The store has a cruisy external restroom which locks. There is no partition between the and toilet.
    Crowd: Tourists and college guys.

    rating of Handy Andy Convenient Store
  • Magnolia Tree Park

    , Tifton

    This tree is like being in a house. No one can see inside, but you can see outside and know who is coming up the road or parking. Lots of action here. Sucking and . one on one and groups. This tree ha ...

    rating of Magnolia Tree Park
  • Fullwood Park

    , Tifton

    Crowd: Lost of married guy and guys of all ages. Guys just looking for a quick hot time.

    rating of Fullwood Park
  • New Tifton Library

    At the old Wal-Mart across from K-mart , Tifton

    It is a wonderful room, empty quite often. Peepholes, open s in doors of s. Hardly ANY show-stoppers. Don't worry, the occasional straight might come by but just wait, staff are hardly bothersome. Ju ...

    rating of New Tifton Library