Toledo Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • X - Spot formerly Everything Erotic Adult Bookstore

    2246 Woodville Rd, Toledo

    Crowd: all ages

    rating of X - Spot formerly Everything Erotic Adult Bookstore

    7168 Votes

  • Adult Pleasures

    4404 North Detroit Avenue, Toledo

    ookstore with arcade. The store has four working gloryholes. A camera shoots down the hall of the booths and the clerk can see what's going on. They will tell you to find a booth (or sound a chime) if ...

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    13581 Votes

  • Four Star Books

    5365 Monroe St., Toledo

    cruiser adds: s x3 at present---Clean booths and well stocked
    salesroom. Lots of hot videos
    to preview.
    Crowd: Lots of bluecollar and straight***br***married types.

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    8867 Votes

  • Adult Videos

    Byrne Rd, Toledo

    pdate 12/1/2008: s are no longer boarded.

    update: This place was upgraded a while ago. 8 booths, 6 with s. Very clean. Staff stays out of your way. Action is typically good.

    s at ...

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    8175 Votes

  • G L Bookstore

    Corner of Detroit Ave. & Telegraph Road, Toledo

    have found young college boys here, truckers, construction workers, ages are usually 30-40, some truckers come in late at night. Once in a while even a couple comes in and they want you to his wife. ...

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    5149 Votes

  • Woodville News

    1634 Woodville Rd., Toledo

    Crowd: All types, mostly male.

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    2640 Votes

  • Airport Adult Video

    9410 Airport Hwy, Toledo

    Large adult store with cruisy peep booths. Usually has 4-5 Guys there.
    Crowd: White and blue collar guys. Sometimes a younger crowd from local colleges.

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    3841 Votes

  • Toledo Adult Book Store

    1002 N Reynolds Rd, Toledo

    Crowd: A good mix of men, 20's-70's. Always a toss-up.

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    3774 Votes

  • Westwood Video

    1602 W. Sylvania, Toledo

    ruiser adds 11/19/2008: Golden Buckey admission $8
    Regular admission $9
    All-day admission $10 and go as you wish. Need pass and ID to re-enter.
    Thursday is Gay Day with films all day. If you ...

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    16850 Votes

  • Trilby Bookstore

    3107 West Alexis, Toledo

    Small brown store right on Alexis, easy to find.
    Crowd: Men, women, lesbians, gays, all types and sizes.

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    2306 Votes