Toledo Gay Cruising Areas

  • Franklin Park Mall

    Monroe Street/Talmadge Rd, Toledo

    One handicap accessible that you can sometimes use. Non-stop frat boy ! Also big scene for threesomes or more!
    Crowd: young college twinks, "straight" acting twentysomethings, locals

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    3791 Votes

  • Jamie Farr Park

    , Toledo

    here is car cruising in the parking but
    also a trail which goes behind the railway
    tracks. The action occurs in the woods off
    the trail. Good mix of guys including
    Crowd ...

    rating of Jamie Farr Park

    1849 Votes

  • Irwin Prairie

    , Toledo

    here are several trails going off into wooded areas, but stuff goes on all along the boardwalk, mostly way out. Be careful because there are straight people there sometimes, too.
    Crowd: All kinds o ...

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    1746 Votes

  • Erie Street Market

    Erie Street, Toledo

    Cruisy restroom provides relief for
    shoppers and market workers. Most active
    at lunchtime until 3pm.

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    1532 Votes

  • University of Toledo University Hall

    2801 West Bancroft, Toledo

    A large (12x12?) handicapped that is a totally separate room

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    2166 Votes

  • Andersons

    Illinois Ave & Ford, Toledo

    Crowd: has a in the near the urnials you can watch guys pee in the one urnial, and one to the next you can see them sitting on the stool

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    1864 Votes

  • Public Library

    Michigan and Madison Street, Toledo

    Mostly jacking off and a little happens here.
    Crowd: Everybody. Recently very young crew -- high school/college.

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    1471 Votes

  • Woodville Mall

    3725 Williston Rd @ Woodville road, Toledo

    Peep hole in the first that looks across the urinals.
    Crowd: All kinds, including alot of younger skater boys.

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    1700 Votes

  • Willys Park

    , Toledo

    Crowd: 25yr olds to 60yrs

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    1443 Votes

  • YMCA South Toledo

    1226 Woodsdale Park Drive, Toledo

    his is the only Y in town with private showers, for tons of fun. Also it has a sauna. You can do it two ways. Start in open shower area and see above. If not OK with that go into private shower and wh ...

    rating of YMCA, South Toledo

    2191 Votes

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