Toronto Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wal-mart Washroom Dufferin Mall

    South of Bloor and Dufferin, west side of Dufferin St., Toronto

    ruiser Update 2/15/2008: Dufferin Mall Walmart only has one washroom publicly. Its located on the 2nd floor between McDonald's, and the Pharmacy/Haircare products area. There are two sinks, one handic ...

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  • Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park

    , Toronto

    his is a small wooded area down by Lake Ontario, which is intersected by the paved bicycle trail that goes along the lake. There are numerous and well-worn walking trails too!! Just get onto these tra ...

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  • East Point Bluffs and Marina

    , Toronto

    here's a filtration plant and sewage plant, above the cliffs, just new bike trails take you to the lake, when a marinia is to be a few years from now. Lots of driftwood, and nudist in makeshift leanto ...

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  • North York

    , Toronto

    An island oasis in the middle of nowhere on the don valley a nature reserve.
    Crowd: Married men, gays who want quick hot .

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  • College Park

    Yonge and College, Toronto

    ait in front of urinals or Go into a , show your hard and you'll get a nice, hot mouth around your hard really quick. Most guys will swallow your creamy load. I've seen a couple of nice, fat s there ...

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  • Standard Life Center

    In between Bay and University, Toronto

    There is sufficient space between the cracks to see who is coming in to cruise. You can be selective.
    Crowd: Hot jocks, your average Joe, and businessmen in suits.

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  • Moore Park and Brick Yards

    , Toronto

    ots of nude sun bathing in summer, bike paths take you to other parks that are gay as well, brickyards have tours, which I find boring, but you never know who's getting laid there.
    Crowd: Guys from ...

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  • Leslie Street Spit

    , Toronto

    pdate on directions: Park your car at the end of Leslie St (and Unwin). Take your bike through the gate and follow the road towards the end of the spit. You will pass through a gate used during the we ...

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  • Rouge Valley Park

    , Toronto

    Wilderness park, mud, brush,keep your eyes open for deer and naked bears to long a walk for rangers, but one never knows what he may be hiding in his pants.
    Crowd: All types including married men.

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  • Union Station

    Front Street, Toronto

    Lots of current messages on the walls, a peep-hole, and you can see who goes in next door through the door --crack and the mirror. Show your hard and you'll get an answer.
    Crowd: Everyone

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