Townsville Gay Cruising Areas

  • Centro Shopping Centro Townsville

    Cnr Ross River Rd And Nathan Street , Townsville

    Quiet little shopping centre has 2 cubicles near a back entranace to shopping centre.

    rating of Centro Shopping Centro Townsville
  • Palleranda Park - 3 Mile Creek

    , Townsville

    Near the playground there are some paths that are frequented a lot, that lead off into the shrubs and are very private. Just be aware that there may be someone watching you that you're not aware of. H ...

    rating of Palleranda Park - 3 Mile Creek
  • Shelleys Beach

    , Townsville

    Long sandy beach with mangroves and low salt bush for shade. Some areas behind bushes provide a more private area. Low tide provides a long walk to the water, but it is the best time to get there and ...

    rating of Shelley's Beach
  • Riverside park Rossiter Park

    Just down the road from Stockland on the left hand side , Townsville

    Crowd: Mainly defence guys looking for some before work and the same in the afternoons.

    rating of Riverside park (Rossiter Park)
  • Castle Town Shopping Centre

    Near the Hyde Park Centre , Townsville

    Just sit and wait till you hear the door squeak open and look through the peep hole.
    Crowd: Oldies, but you can perve on hot straight guys too.

    rating of Castle Town Shopping Centre
  • Anderson Park

    , Townsville

    Anderson Park is accessible by vehicle travelling south along Gulliver Street and by foot off Fulham Road, Balls Lane, Gulliver and Wellington Street. There are car parking spaces provided within the ...

    rating of Anderson Park
  • Stockland Shopping Center

    Aitkenvale , Townsville

    Crowd: All types of guys, business men, army guys, and young guys looking to experiment

    rating of Stockland Shopping Center
  • Willows Shopping Centre

    , Townsville

    Crowd: Mixed.....have found teenagers and older guys...depends on your luck

    rating of Willows Shopping Centre
  • Sherriff Park Love Lane

    , Townsville

    Crowd: I have come across quiet a few guys there all different ages. blokes going for a jog at night along the river and a few tradies in the toilets at lunch time.

    rating of Sherriff Park, Love Lane
  • Banford Lane Mill Drive Park

    , Townsville

    Toilet block. Two cubicles, both large, one door with large hole in door for convenience.
    Crowd: All ages and types. Lots of married guys looking to get off without any hang ups.

    rating of Banford Lane & Mill Drive Park