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  • Romantix formerly Le Shoppe

    Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

    The arcade part of this place is full of action. From what I understand, they recently remodelled and each booth has plenty of space to sit down and r

  • Michigan Park

    Cruising Areas

    The park is one of the smaller parks in the area, however, the small hills and trees and poor lighting make this the perfect spot for a hot meeting.

  • Penn Park

    Cruising Areas

    Recently tried this, the place I first tasted in my youth. It was once a heavy cruising spot, but is now quiet. It is in a perfect location, surround

  • Rio Hondo College Washrooms

    Cruising Areas

    This is located in a discreet neighborhood, surrounded by bushes and trees. Cruising by the restroom can be hot, these places in the library are litte