Wokingham Gay Cruising Areas

  • Pets At Home Car Park

    , Wokingham

    very new spot. I've been there 15 times, and have never failed to have a lot of fun. Wokingham is a little 'Market Town'. One small Police station, probably manned by a couple of Policeman. So far a ...

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    1771 Votes

  • Mill Mead Footpath

    Enter via Mill Close and Mill Mead, Wokingham

    There is a gap in the hedge / fence where you can get through into Mill Close if there is any difficulty.
    Crowd: 18 to 50.

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    1246 Votes

  • Wellingtonia Ave Car Park

    , Wokingham

    Crowd: I have had a couple of encounters there, not a busy place yet! Amazing potential however.

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    4087 Votes

  • Joel Park

    , Wokingham

    ots of well bushed areas and lots of places to go. For some reason, all the action happens on early week - Monday/Tuesday - can't work out why.
    Crowd: Some young but mostly older - getting better a ...

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    1399 Votes

  • Woosehill Woods

    Woosehill, Wokingham

    Huge wooded area which links Woosehill and Finchampstead

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