York Gay Cruising Areas

  • York Railway Station

    Station Road, York , York

    Toilets are located on Platform 8 and Platform 4. The ones on P4 are the original location and still have some cruising and a lot of writing in the cubicles but more action seems to happen in the newe ...

    rating of York Railway Station
  • A166 Dunnington Layby

    , York

    Very long layby parts very well hidden from main road, a very good hook up area on an evening and early morning.

    rating of A166 Dunnington Layby
  • University of York Library

    University of York , York

    Student Library, generally open from 9ish to midnight during school term.

    rating of University of York Library
  • A59 Skip Bridge Layby

    , York

    Goes from one extreme to another, so be discreet. Courting couples (not looking for others to watch or join, though) and people stopping to break their journeys who are not there for can spoil the fu ...

    rating of A59 Skip Bridge Layby
  • Riverside Path Bushes

    , York

    All sorts go here. There is a one guy -- about 25-30 -- who's into & fun and will drink your , you off and deep rim your arse. A 19yr old told me that he ate his straight from his arse. Very hot. ...

    rating of Riverside Path & Bushes
  • A19 Jarvis Hotel Lay By

    , York

    Crowd: Mixed ages some nice young ones

    rating of A19 Jarvis Hotel Lay By
  • A1079 Grimston Bar Park Ride

    Off Hull Road , York

    Good place and discreet, A local lad told me about it, although it can be hit and miss I have had more than my share of fun there. Everything from a quick to full anal.
    Crowd: So far found mostly ...

    rating of A1079 Grimston Bar Park & Ride
  • Nunnery Lane Car Park

    York , York

    Clean toilet, in a car park, but not very busy. Also Toft Green is nearby. You can leave and take a walk that way if nothing doing.
    Crowd: Various - suits, young guys, old guys

    rating of Nunnery Lane Car Park
  • Kent Street Car Park

    Kent Street , York

    2 cubicles with spy holes in doors.
    Crowd: Mixture. Close to Uni. Some old queens.

    rating of Kent Street Car Park
  • Borders Bookstore

    1-5 Davygate , York

    Small peephole in cubicle door with view to urinals.
    Crowd: All sorts.

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