Central Town


Ronda San Pau 51

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Central Town is a gay hostel right in the best spot in the city of Barcelona. Open to all types of travelers - gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual and the likes; Central Town provides the comfort of your own home during your holiday in Barcelona. Central Town is one of the most popular lodging in the city offering guesthouses as well as apartments to tourists.

Its guesthouse is highly suited for those on a limited budget or those who prefer not to splurge on their lodging while in Barcelona. Guests can choose to stay in rooms with private bathrooms or those with shared bathroom facilities. Needless to say, all rooms at Central Town are spacious, tidy and safe.

Those who are traveling in groups or those who want a more upgraded accommodation can book their nights with Central Town apartments. Each apartment can house up to 4 people. Each apartment are clean, spacious and fully equipped. Its terraces provide guests the chance to admire the cityscape of Barcelona without going out.

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