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  • McMahons Point

    Cruising Areas

    New council toilets, council comes and cleans them once a day at random times.. good cubicles and urinals.
    Crowd: Tradies during lunch, runners and

  • Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre


    The men's showers at the foot end of the main pool has more private showers then Cook & Phillip and a lot of hot guys go there.

  • Cook Philip Park Pool


    How sensible of the Sydney City to build a new aquatic centre right in the heart of gay Sydney!
    There are many lovely guys here - tourists and loc

  • Sydney City Steam

    Bathhouses Saunas

    Very friendly staff. Very new and well kept place. Very clean! 120+ guyz by 14:00 most days Lots going on. Asian guys are reserved but just need a smi