Barcelona City Ramblas


Is This Your Business?

Decent, clean, safe and affordable, Barcelona City Ramblas is the choice for travelers who are gay and smart. Also known for its old name, PENSIÓN CANALETAS, this hostel is known for its no-frills accommodation in Barcelona. Who wouldn't book a night in an affordable hostel with the most perfect location in Barcelona?

Barcelona City Ramblas is located in the most famous street of the city- Las Ramblas. With this, restaurants, shops and everything you could ever ask for is totally within your reach. On its rooftop you can immense yourself with continuous views of Barcelona. Whether you are hoping for some cruising activities, just walk around and you will have what you want. Sleep with the best and the smartest choice and that is with Barcelona City Ramblas.

Hours of Activity

all year

  • There is no lift on its 5th floor.
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