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Santísima Trinidad 73

Is This Your Business?

RAS-Room Advice Service is a unique provider operating throughout Spain since 1997. As gay travelers have unique preferences which are not the same as a typical tourist, RAS-Room Advice Service is very beneficial especially if you are looking for gay-friendly or gay hotels in Barcelona. All you have to do is to fill up their online form and you will be given with all hotels that match your criteria.

You can try to look for 4-star or budget-friendly hotels in RAS-Room Advice Service. For gay travelers, you might be interested in gay-friendly hotel or gay hotels with various facilities exclusively for gay guests like a playroom or with naughty ones like a sling perhaps? Perfect for international tourists who want to make sure that they will be staying in accommodations with facilities and amenities that can cater to their needs.

Hours of Activity

Mon-Fri 11h-14h

  • When booking, specifically indicate hotels close to gay venues in Barcelona.
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