1000 Islands Mall


2399 Parkedale Ave

Is This Your Business?

This is a public Mall with stores opening at 9am to 9pm - doors open around 8:30. Instincts on it takes one to know one is your best tool. If your to discreet you won't get anywhere. Nothing wrong with showing a little interest. Remember that you have to show something, if not it will probably mean thank you but no thanks.

Neighbourhood: North End

Coming off of the 401 east or west bound will take you onto Stewart Blvd, turn north on stewart - very short distance to Parkedale Ave - turn right (east) on Parkedale past high school, when you come to the first set of lights you will see Mall on your right. Best place to park is at the rear of the mall (far east end) there is an entrance that takes you right to the small washroom.
  • Hours:Mall has two washrooms - one in the food Court and another smaller one located at the far east end of mall near pay phones. Smaller one is the best. Mid morning, mid afternoon and early evening are best times. All age groups hang around. You can shop or browse around and see who is doing the same.It isn't necessary to just stay in washroom.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:As with any public washroom this is a place to meet, greet and leave. There are two s, go in and stand at one. Make eye contact with the person who stands beside you, smile and don't be afraid to show , if you hide it it may mean not interested. If the guy beside you is interested he will let you know as you must let him know. Once interest has been established go out back door and chat about things Great place to meet - you see what you get.
  • Nudity / Policy:No nudity other than showing at the - not a good idea to try and have , not even in booth, a little playing around maybe but nothing serious.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Yes - Mall and washroom(s) have handicap access.
  • Warnings:Security and cleaners don't seem to keep a watchfull eye on washroom, but there is enough traffic for you to use caution. Don't hang around inside for to long. Browse around and keep crusing.
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