Chaos Club & CoXx Club


Dohany utca 38

Is This Your Business?

(Metro Astoria and Metro Blaha L. Square; Night bus at Astoria: 914, 950, 979/979A, 966, 931, 908, 921, 973, 907, 956; Night bus at Blaha L. Square: 906, 923, 908, 907, 973, 921, 956, 931; Trolley 74) Gay (men only), Internet café, Bar, Back room / Darkroom Basement club on 300 sqm, 3 bars, large cruising area, dark-rooms, jail, sling room etc. Hardcore movies in several rooms. Weekly special parties (military cruising night, nude party, sucker night, gang bang party etc). If you arrive at Dohány utca 38, you'll see their internet café (2 terminals) on the street level. At the entrance on street level you will get a consumption card (see minimum consumption pricing below). Then you take the stairs downstairs to the basement where the bar is located. You may ask at the entrance how many guests are present. Once you took the consumption card you must pay the minimum consumption even if you find the bar empty and even if you stay a couple of minutes only. Sometimes Coxx is very crowded, sometimes not. If you want to avoid disappointents just ask before you take the consumption card upstairs from the guy at the door.

  • Daily 9 pm until 4 am; Fridays and Saturdays 9pm until 5 am Minimum consumption at the bar 1000 HUF (since October 2007). (machine): 2 and 2 lubricant for 50 HUF. Internet minimum 1/2 hour 350 HUF, 1 hour 600 HUF, after the first hour there is a 1/4 hour charge (150 HUF).
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