Rainbow Alliance


Is This Your Business?

Starting in the summer of 1996, all 9 Guesthouses got together to form what was known as the Rainbow Carpet Lodging and Hospitality Alliance. (RCLHA) In 18 months the number of Guesthouses grew to a total of 27. Now we represent around 46 Gay and Gay Friendly Guesthouses, Gay and Lesbian Vacation rentals as well as a six properties offering Gays and Lesbians with kids a place to vacation with other families. In 2006 the RCLHA changed it name to be more incumpassing of what we want to represent. We are now called the Rainbow Alliance. (Alliance means a gathering of people with a common cause.) All of our members, whether they Hoteliers, Shop Owners, Resturants, Attractions, Realtors or the Service industry all want to work together to welcome Tourists as well as those who are moving here to work, start their own business or to retire and to offer them what ever type of help or information that they may be looking for.This web site is just one method that the Rainbow Alliance is using to fullfill this goal.

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