MegaAdult Bookstore


2100 blk S Federal Hwy

Is This Your Business?

I've done everything in this place on numerous occasions. Last Sat I had a 3some with 2 hot guys, one had a 10" tool. I took both their loads and was a very happy shopper :-)
Crowd: Horney Studs, Couples and even chicks.

Who's Coming

Horney Studs, Couples and even chicks.

S Federal Hwy between SE17 St and STate Rd 84
Cross street: State Road 84
  • Crowd:Horney Studs, Couples and even chicks.
  • Hours:10 to 2pm?
    Best times: Afternoons
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Just study the videos and the fun starts.
    Cruisiest Spots: Upstairs. There are no booths but there are back rooms open for open . Even the rows of videos are good for open .
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to MegaAdult Bookstore
  • If anything happens at that place place its must be luck. never have seen anyone there when i ride by

    Commented on 8/5/2008 9:21:28 AM

  • sounds like bullshit.

    Commented on 8/4/2008 4:13:17 AM

  • hey im planning on going tomorrow. when are the best times to go?

    Commented on 6/9/2008 12:45:34 PM

  • Every time I have had any luck here was in the later afternoons. Usually seeing there are a couple cars in the lot is a good sign. I havent had any luck myself the last few times I went there but it is good for cruising and fun upstairs. The place is really set up for this and I think the management has changed hands a few times from when they had the dungeon in one of the rooms but that was when this place was poppping. Part of it may be the inventory up their is way outdated as well but hey, who cares if you get a few people up there that have the same thing in mind :-)

    Commented on 6/6/2008 7:19:30 AM

  • I was there about 10 am up stair no one else was there were are these rooms? I'm new at this but love to give head to guys in clothes should I try after noon. went up stairs no one else was there and with all lthose lights how can you do anyone is there a danger of getting cault sorry I'm older but new at this place I give good head get of doing guys in clothes

    Commented on 6/4/2008 5:45:42 AM

  • going there later tonight around 12. il be wearing panties and pantihose under my jeans.

    Commented on 5/30/2008 11:09:59 AM

  • there are no peepshows whatsoever.

    Commented on 5/28/2008 6:13:37 AM

  • Wow, this place is made for cruising!
    I went there the other day and didn't get lucky, but the upstairs has plenty of places to play. I'll definitely be going back!

    Commented on 4/3/2008 7:31:49 AM