Franklin Square


Elizabeth Street

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The toilets are on the Elizabeth Street side of square i.e. the lower end - the mens toilet in the closest to the corner of Elizabeth St. and Davey St. Public toilets run by Hobart City Council. Long , 4 cubicles and 1 large room with shower and disabled access

Neighbourhood: CBD

Plenty of public transport and perfectly easy on foot.
  • Directions:Plenty of public transport and perfectly easy on foot.
  • Hours:The toilets are open from about 8am until about 4.30pm Monday to Saturday. They can be very busy around 1pm, lunchtime - sometimes all cubicles and disabled toilet are occupied. Mornings around 9am are quieter but can be very productive for guys cruising. Just remember later in the day there are more general public out and about - so early around 9am you can be more certain of the guys in there looking for something else.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Cruise discreetly at - or signal with foot under cubicle walls. The cubicle doors don't fit well so you can see through cracks beside door - thats easier to tell if anyone is interested in you. I've seen action happening in the cubicles or once you made contact you can both discreetly move across to the disbaled toilet where there is more room.
  • Nudity / Policy:Public toilet - no nudity. You have got to keep it discreet otherwise the beat will be spoiled for all of us.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Good access.
  • Warnings:Watch for council vans out front, this usually means there's a maintenance or cleaning crew in the toilet. My particular peev is guys who cruise, sometimes for ages but who never do anything.
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