Flamingos Bar


Level 2, 142 Liverpool Street

Is This Your Business?

FLAMINGOS DANCE BAR: Is Tasmania's only venue dedicated solely to the GLBTI Community * Their friends & Family !

Neighbourhood: Hobart

Walking Distance If you are in Hobart CBD !
  • Directions:Walking Distance If you are in Hobart CBD !
  • Hours:Usually best time to go there is Sat nights after 11pm !
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:It's a great place to dance. have a drink, meet other Gay/ Bi guys , then find a root and pick up !
  • Nudity / Policy:Might have some special nights for nude nights or parties ! wait and see !
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / It's safe, well knows, legal place for GLBTI community to meet !
  • Warnings:Not Sure !
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