University of Southern California Los Angelas Olin Hall


3650 S. McClintock Ave

Is This Your Business?

Olin Hall: 4th floor. Stalls in back of restroom, lots of warning for approaching because of squeaky double doors. Harris Hall: 1st floor, south entrance. Lockable room, two stalls, two urinals. Where most construction workers get blown.
Crowd: College studs, construction meat

Neighbourhood: Expositon & 110 Frwy

Who's Coming

College studs, construction meat

Cross street: Vermont
  • Crowd:College studs, construction meat
  • Hours:Anytime
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Be patient. Several locations on campus but lots of , hard men needing release. Under action mostly.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Olin Hall has seen security patrol but usually on lower floors.
whos coming to University  of Southern California Los Angelas Olin Hall
  • anyone been here recently? ive had many classes here but didn't know it was a cruising location.

    Commented on 4/7/2008 4:05:55 AM

  • Taper Hall of Humanities (THH) has seen a lot of action the last couple of years. The basement restroom has a glory hole, about 90% of the guys who come in are looking for action. A few nasty regulars, but a lot of hot stuff too. Cleaning crew come in regularly but they are easy to hear.

    Commented on 1/4/2003 11:23:56 AM

  • The double door feature works both ways. When you see a trash can holding the first or second door open (for cleaning, etc.) it usually means security is around on that floor. The outer door tends not to squeek when it is not closed completely. Remember to shut the damn door

    Commented on 9/14/2000 1:45:28 AM