Los Angeles City College, Franklin Hall


855 N. Vermont Ave.

Is This Your Business?

Urinals against one wall, stalls face them.
Crowd: college guys, latino, black, some caucasians...regular/non-college guys

Who's Coming

college guys, latino, black, some caucasians...regular/non-college guys

Traveling on the Hollywood Freeway (US 101)1a. 101 northbound : Exit Vermont Ave. and turn right (you will be traveling north)1b. 101 southbound : Exit Vermont Ave., turn left onto Rosewood Ave. Turn left onto Vermont Ave. (you will be traveling north) 2. Turn left (west) onto Melrose Ave. and drive to Heliotrope Dr. 3. Turn right (north) onto Heliotrope Dr. LACC is on your right hand side 4. The parking entrance is on the right hand side, just north of the Administration Building
Franklin Hall is right there on Vermont Ave. It's the building to your right as face school's main entrance. 2nd and 3rd floor restrooms have cruising
Cross street: Santa Monica Blvd
  • Crowd:college guys, latino, black, some caucasians...regular/non-college guys
  • Hours:M-F 7am-10pm (I am just guessing on those times)
    Best times: late afternoons 3pm-6pm
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:be really cool, the guys that cruise here are really straight acting. take a , check it out, if you're not someone's type, change floors
    Cruisiest Spots: 3rd floor restroom, 2nd floor restroom as well
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Obviously non-college guys who park in a forever. They just peek out at the s, sometimes at the noncruisers, risking everyone.
    Warnings: Security does check in. Plus, since the guys who cruise are so straight acting, it's hard to tell sometimes. Sometimes the halls are so crowded between classes, that people stop in to use the restroom to really pee. Don't just jump on those.
whos coming to Los Angeles City College, Franklin Hall
  • anyone around LA city collage on Vermont... i am headed there now and i will be wearing a blue hoodie with a beanie on... i want to hook up so look for me around la city collage

    Commented on 2/28/2009 10:10:11 AM

  • I used to go here when I lived in LA. IT was extremely busy all the time. I have gone back once or twice.. It's nothing like it used to be. There used to be 3 or even 4 bathroom that were active on campus.. Two of them were basements.. then on other floors.. but when I went back, it was dead...

    Commented on 1/5/2009 3:18:08 AM

  • Nevermind, I just took a look at the building is still under heavy reconstruction.

    Commented on 12/12/2008 4:51:36 AM

  • Anything new with this place?
    I'm gonna check it out today.

    Commented on 12/12/2008 1:22:05 AM

  • looks like the building is closed for renovation. how much you wanna bet the bathrooms will be brand new?

    Commented on 9/12/2008 12:18:31 PM


    A while back, I stopped by this gem. One of the idiot hall monitors took me straight to the mini police station on campus.

    It was nothing too big. I was questioned. They let met go, and told me that I needed permission to be on campus.

    Needless to say (unless someone on here assures that it is o.k., and that that stupid hall monitor is gone), I won't be back.

    When I was going, I got action nearly every time.

    Have fun!

    Commented on 3/4/2008 1:32:16 AM