Kapriellian Hall (KAP) at USC


Is This Your Business?

In the middle of the building. There are lots of hallways, so just find the elevators, and on the left hand side, there is a hallway. Ten feet down is the bathroom on your right. The floorplan is identical on the second floor.
Crowd: Students and maybe others.

Who's Coming

Students and maybe others.

It's right next to the USC gate at Vermont and 36th (gate #6)and parking structure A.
Cross street: Vermont Ave. and 36th Pl.
  • Crowd:Students and maybe others.
  • Hours:The building is rarely locked.
    Best times: Definitely not during the day when classes are going on. But at night, this place is empty. I would say that after 10pm is best.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:The bathrooms are in the center of the building along where the elevators are. The 2nd floor bathroom is probably safer.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Just use caution.
    Warnings: Just be smart. Remember that campus security exists and that students or faculty also use these bathrooms, so be real discreet and safe.
whos coming to Kapriellian Hall (KAP) at USC