Abbot Kinney Boulevard 1302

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Neighbourhood: Venice Beach

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Varied neighborhood regulars and visiting beach hotties.

whos coming to Roosterfish
  • The patio used to be very cruisy, especially on weekends with the barbeque. I would roller blade from the Friendhsip to the Roosterfish and always had a great time!

    Commented on 4/6/2009 11:24:52 AM

  • I agree. I visited here on Sunday afternoon and sat out back. Everyone seemed very unfriendly and def with attitude - made eye contact to speak to a few guys just for a chat but they all were too busy with their own little groups - shame.

    Commented on 10/6/2008 9:47:03 AM

  • Expensive & not very friendly at all. Seems like the regulars have attitude for everyone else. Too bad because the area needs a good gay bar for all the normal gay guys around.

    Commented on 10/5/2008 6:28:39 AM

  • I will be staying in Venice beach the second week of March. Is this place still a good place to cruise. Does anyone want to meet up there?

    Commented on 2/24/2008 10:04:04 AM

  • RE: bret1977

    Grab a beer and hang out in the back patio.......

    Always sit where you have a str8 diagnoal view of the Bathroom Entrance.... If there in there for more than a couple of minutes..... They are looking for action.......

    Action often found in the patio too....

    Commented on 8/24/2007 3:43:40 AM

  • Tell me how this all goes down. Is it true bathroom is cruisey during day?

    When is best time to get action?

    Commented on 8/13/2007 10:10:59 AM

  • If you go here, you must be desperate.
    1 table?
    $5.00 for a BOTTLE of beer?
    No draught.
    It HAS been closed for vermin infestation, my neighbor was the inspector who closed it.
    MICE !!!!!

    Commented on 8/9/2007 7:21:11 AM

  • I'll be near the Roosterfish today 12 noon til 4 ish. Any action on Sundays?

    Commented on 6/24/2007 10:29:51 AM