Century Day Spa


4120 W Olympic Blvd

Is This Your Business?

communal showers and hot pool - cold plunge and sit down showers
very hot steamroom, dry sauna
razors & toothbrushes!!
Crowd: while this is NOT a gay bathhouse, it certainly has some western clientele, and some areas tend towards cruisy, it's best to keep it under wraps, although the century promotes nudity.
Facilities: marble sauna-tile sauna-massage menu

Neighbourhood: Koreatown

Who's Coming

while this is NOT a gay bathhouse, it certainly has some western clientele, and some areas tend towards cruisy, it's best to keep it under wraps, although the century promotes nudity.

entry to the place + parking is not on Olympic or Crenshaw, it is around the block off of S. Bronson Ave.
Cross street: Crenshaw
  • Crowd:while this is NOT a gay bathhouse, it certainly has some western clientele, and some areas tend towards cruisy, it's best to keep it under wraps, although the century promotes nudity.
    Facilities: marble sauna-tile sauna-massage menu
  • Hours:mon - fri 6am - 10pm
    sat - sun 7am - 10pm
  • Nudity / Policy:encourages mudity
    try the korean scrub
    Policy: it's not a thing
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:korean operated, minimal english spoken
whos coming to Century Day Spa
  • After the remodel, they have certainly clean up the area where you can't really cruise nor privacy offered. Even the bathroom is glassed so you can't take guys in since they can see clearly through the opaque glass if two decide to mingle. Open 24/7 on weekends with lots of gays but no action nor private dark places to have fun. $20 for sauna and $25 for JJB upstairs with 3 hours limits. Will not return due to rude Korean staff up front.

    Commented on 6/6/2012 10:52:34 PM

  • How much is it to go in here?

    Commented on 6/17/2009 2:09:50 AM

  • I went there this past Monday and it was pretty dead. There was some guys that were obviously cruising but didn't see much action. A guy did jack off for me in the clay sauna. Unfortunately the sleeping room was locked.

    Commented on 6/3/2009 2:37:34 AM

  • Is there a listing somewhere for The Grand Spa? I'm up for meeting Kingdumbcum and getting off together.

    Commented on 5/3/2009 2:18:07 AM

  • This place is now a bit too much work. I'm heading to Grand Spa which is much more liberal and has a lot more hidden spots. Hopefully, some other people will show up there today! It's at 2999 W 6th in KTown.

    Commented on 4/26/2009 2:32:38 AM

  • Heading there late this week, anyone coming?

    Commented on 4/21/2009 8:18:02 AM

  • any younger guys wanna check it out?

    Commented on 4/19/2009 5:21:18 AM

  • The place is getting back to a more relaxed, more play just like the old days. For all you Asian guys give a sign and I'm sure you will get a great H.J.
    Keep it descreet guys This place is one of the best and clean. Any Asian guys want yo hook up?

    Commented on 4/15/2009 3:31:54 AM

  • I have to say I went back there a few times since my last post, which is also after the remodeling. They did a great job remodeling it although it's not clear as to when one of the other saunas will be functioning (the one right next to the steamroom) and when will they have the sleep room (the one next door to the meditation room) accessible to their customers. I thought the issue with the sleep room is with the loud noise when the door is open and that was going to be fixed. However, from my last visit, the sleep room is still closed and I think that would be one of the good spots to play.

    I have to agree with many posters that the "play space" seems to be reduced with the remodeling. Howeve, like someone said, there are a few good corners. I played in all places but I find that the clay room and the meditation room are pretty good. The patio seems pretty nice too when the weather is good. I play with a few guys there and I saw some guys play together out there quite a bit.

    And let's face it guys, men who go there know what's going on. So it's not like you are going to surprise them or get surprised necessarily.

    I think if you are discreet (to certain patrons and staff) and a bit of an exhibitor (to your fellow cruisers), this is still a pretty good spot to play with hot guys. I guess I was sorta fortunately in a way that my last few times there, I got to play with a lot of hot men and the men we weren't into seemed to understand and some of them observed and I was kinda okay with that. I'll check it out again soon.

    Commented on 3/17/2009 3:00:42 AM

  • This place still has a lot of possibilities.
    The steam room and the sleeping room are still active. The meditation room has possibilities as well. When you go to the new spa, sust take your time and most likely things will happen.
    I feel this place is just on the learning curve, I have seen j/o and b/j., so don' give up.

    Commented on 1/26/2009 11:13:37 AM

  • Yep, it's over for playing. The only possible place is a small unseen corner in the clay sauna and a troll will usually hog that spot. And the sauna is too hot to get much going when it's steamy. Nice place for what it's intended for though. And the price is going up to 25 bucks; a bit steep. Any other Korean spas with potential?

    Commented on 1/17/2009 9:15:23 AM

  • I totally agree that the new spa is not nearly as convenient for fun as the previous one.

    Here's my break-down of the new place:

    The facilities are indeed first class. however, the popular "sleeping room" now consists of a small room--similar to the ones they do the massages in--that only fits two massage beds (yes, no more comfy recliners).

    The new Meditation/observation room is nice, it's on the second floor and overlooks the jacuzzi area. however, there are only three built-in places for people to lay down on, and is simply not big enough. However, this is the place with the most potential for fun.

    the marble room and the dry sauna have such large glass walls and are so brightly lit they look like exhibits at a museum, the steam room does too but is not as exposed due to the steam. the clay room is not as bright and has a partial cement wall but is in a very high traffic area that makes it almost impossible to get anything going. and overall, the marble and clay rooms are now much smaller and do not feel very private because of all the traffic.

    Overall, I simply don't think the new place is as fun as the old one. However, if all you want to do is go relax, enjoy the facilities, and look at the hot guys then it is still a really good place to go. However, I am almost certain that the hot guys who made this place so much fun will soon find a more convenient place to go.

    Definitely go check out this place. However, "releasing" all your tensions is definitely more difficult now, but not impossible.

    Commented on 1/9/2009 1:10:42 AM

  • I went there on Wednesday and I do not like it at all. There is no places to play and it is very open.

    Commented on 1/8/2009 8:20:07 AM

  • Century Spa did a major, MAJOR remodeling job with the men's section. There is virtually nothing left from the old men's spa. The jacuzzi and cold dip are intact as before but you would never know it because everything else was torn out and replaced.

    STEAM, SAUNA AND SHOWERS are now housed with the jacuzzi but they have been moved. Steam and sauna are on the right (as you enter), showers on the left. There is no longer any possibility of playing around in the sauna. They have a huge picture window and the sauna is completely lit up. There are possibilities for the steam room because of the huge amount of steam. The only problem there is that there are usually so many people using it that many are not willing to do anything.

    OUTDOOR PATIO is located through the door next to the showers. It's really small but there is a hidden area from the door. The big problem is that the door is amazingly silent when opened and only makes a noise when it closes. Consequently, there is no chance of playing unless there is someone standing as lookout to warn you.

    CLAY SAUNA and MARBLE SAUNA are located in the grooming area and around the corner from the locker room. Both are big with plenty of room to sit or lay on the floor. The problem here is that both saunas have big windows with frosted glass. Great! Not exactly. The glass for the windows and doors are frosted but there is a 3 to 4 inch edging on all the windows as well as the doors of clear glass. Big enough so that anyone can look in before entering or if employees want to look in and make sure there is no hanky panky. These saunas are also located in a walkway that has a lot of foot traffic from the VIP locker room, grooming area and the stairs to the second floor.

    SLEEPING ROOM and MEDITATION ROOM are located upstairs with the massage rooms. The sleeping room is not open yet. The Meditation room is really quiet (until the air conditioning flips on) but there can never be any playing there either because the nearly floor to ceiling windows look out to the jacuzzi area. In other words, everyone can see you too!

    LOCKER ROOM is pretty much like the old lockers. They are now located in a more compact area and there are no benches to sit on. Honestly, there really isn't enough room for benches AND people.

    Most of the Men's area has wood floors. They are great to walk on.

    The remodeling job is a huge improvement over what it was before. The only drawback is that there are not nearly as many places to play as there used to be. You're always interrupted. You almost have to go with a friend and have him play lookout while you shoot your rocks off!

    I definitely want to go back soon, though.

    Commented on 1/5/2009 3:34:47 AM

  • heard the remodeled men's spa opened.

    anyone have any reviews? how is it?

    Commented on 1/4/2009 4:08:09 AM

  • I went to Century Day Spa onFriday, 12/26/08, and was a bit disappointed, to tell the truth. This was my second time here, and the first time was really good -- I had a gread massabe by a cute Korean girl. However, this time, I notieced that the place is really looking like it needs a lot of work! I saw huge rust stains by the wall by the sauna and there was some kind of crud ooozing out of the ceiling above the jacuzzi. That all contributes, in my opinion, to the feeling that this place is plain out sleazy \

    So, as far as a spa goes, I hope they upgrade soon. Regarding a cruising place, I didn't find much going on when I was there, but, of course, I tend to lay pretty low and don't tend to let on that I'm looking.

    Commented on 12/27/2008 9:50:53 AM

  • I like this place but have to admit that these days it seems more of a hit and miss.

    I went there a few days ago being so horned up and ready to play and shoot if I run into "the right guys". I left the place without shooting. Pretty disappointed but there were too many men and unfortunately none of them was of my type. I don't mean to sound picky but I have preferences. Maybe because of its reputation, it now attracts a really really wide range of guys to cruise actively running in and out of one room to the other. In its old days, there were two types of clientele--Asians and non-Asians. In those days, the Asians didn't seem to be cruising at all, especially older Asian guys. However, these days, everybody seems to be cruising. Asians or not. Old or young. In-shape or not.

    Having said that, a couple of weeks before, I was there around the same time and it was unbelievably hot for me. I played with three guys and at one time, one guy and I even played in a group with a few other dudes. It was hot. I shot three time and left very satisfied.

    Overall, it's not a bad place. I will go back, but probably not for a while. I think it'll help for whoever goes there to help get honest updates on this place.

    P.S. I saw and heard from a guy (maybe an owner?) that they were working on the new facility which is literally right next door to the current entrance. I hope they'll finish that soon so we'll have a new facility to play.

    Commented on 12/22/2008 11:54:53 AM

  • dont forget, you can turn the light off in the steam room or the sauna.. it gets dark but not totally. each one has a switch just outside the door, the steam rooms is under a coverplate on the left....

    ... it makes it fun for a while sometimes and no one seems to say much about it, it will eventually get turned back on, but its fun to just switch it off sometimes to get things going. hee hee hee.

    try it, no one cares.

    Commented on 12/6/2008 7:37:48 AM

  • its funny when people talk about some sort of attitude when they dont actually talk to anyone. they perceive some attitude, when all they would have to do in most cases is introduce themselves like a normal person, or just be simple about it and say hello with little expectations, since you have all day to run into them again.

    Sometimes it takes a while for people to warm up to a stranger the dont know, they could be from outa town like me. You could just creep them out, or maybe the guy next to you is creeping him out and wont leave.

    Its not a bathhouse, just cuz non-Asians show up doesnt mean they are cruising.

    yes there are not always hot dudes there, sometimes theres a few hot guys. not good news that the older crowd has taken over, I like a mix of 20s to 30s myself. hey if they all have attitude and ignore eachother, maybe theyll all give up on cruising the place and not show up, then us punks can reclaim the place, haha.

    ill be checking it out early this Thursday afternoon if they are open, i missed out on wednesday nite, I havent been in a while.. im thinking sunday afternoon will be cool too since im in town.

    Commented on 11/27/2008 2:45:57 AM

  • i do like this place but i initially started going because of the lack of attitude, now im finding that the not so hot forty somethings are using this place as an excuse to dish out a little attitude of their own. Im a good looking younger ethnic guy and would assume the forty something crowd at this place to be a little more open minded. now NONE of the guys at this place are particularly hot but it used to be a cool place to get off without competing in the hotness contest. now I seem to have better luck among the weho gym bunny attitude queens than the snooty turned up noses of the not so hot guys at this place. i will never understand why gays think its appropriate to give off attitude to each other. so i guess unless you're white and mid forties youre not considered hot at this place. fine by me... these guys can have each other lol.

    Commented on 11/23/2008 12:53:01 PM

  • this is hot spot, Ill be there wednesday afternoon-nite 11/26 for a few hours to get the body-buz they talk about, thinking about tuesday night too. id like to get a few group circle jerks going.

    Anyone got the scoop on when the big renovation is going to happen/be complete?

    I def recommend the massage, those korean chics know what they are doing.

    Id like to know the scoop on New Lions and City Spa too.

    Commented on 11/22/2008 4:02:26 AM

  • I went here a couple months ago. Got there when they opened in the morning. The steam room and sauna were not working. The place is run down. Hopefully the new place will be better.

    Has anyone gotten any action from the masseurs? I got the body scrub and massage but was too uncomfortable to let myself get excited when he was rubbing in "that area." If so, next time I'll let go and enjoy it.

    THere was plenty of action in the nap room, though.

    Commented on 10/21/2008 9:07:34 AM

  • I'm afraid what wombat said has some truth in it. I was there last Saturday and it was rather disappointing this time around.

    I spent a few hours there and there were almost none of hot men around until I was leaving. During those few hours, guys were cruising and it's obvious--as usual. However, there were some guys who knew you were cruising and didn't want to leave you alone even though you already signaled them that you're not interested. Bummer.

    I can only hope that this place is not falling victim of its own reputation.

    Commented on 10/17/2008 8:19:42 AM

  • I agree with Angelino. Maybe too much good publicity from this site. A year ago the hot to not ratio was about 1 -3. Now it's more like 1-20 at best. If you go on weekends you're guaranteed to have pushy ugly things all over you. It's too bad.

    Commented on 10/12/2008 7:49:30 AM

  • I really wanted to go and see what it's all about here and I must say it was really nice. Many cute guys walking around and many chances to play with guys, BUT, the only problem I find that makes it hard to play is that you DO NOT have the PRIVACY to really get into guys and make out. always some one walking in and you must stop, that is all i say...other wise, nice place, clean and lots of cute gay guys...

    Commented on 10/11/2008 12:50:51 PM

  • anyone want to meet me there?18-35?

    let me know.

    Commented on 10/3/2008 12:44:18 PM

  • Have been to this place 3 times now and I really can't figure it out.
    What is the protacal in the sleeping room and other areas?
    Most Asian Guys seem to be Bi in nature, how do I approach without making them angry?
    I am really into Asian Men and Women, I am Bi and this place really seems to be HOT

    Commented on 10/1/2008 11:21:43 AM

  • my last visit, steamroom crowded, looking but no action
    pool had lots of hardons
    showers a little more action
    clay room-a fav-was empty
    sleeping room was crowded
    hand my hands full!

    Commented on 9/16/2008 12:35:28 PM

  • Are there any young guys who give massages here, or is it only the one middle aged guy?

    Commented on 9/14/2008 10:15:00 AM

  • This place has become a victim of its own popularity (advertising in the gay rags hasn't helped). It used to be a nice low-key spot to sit, shvitz and maybe do a little discreet cruising, but now it's so active, you can't really do any of that anymore. Forget trying to have a quiet steam or a relaxing sauna - doors pop open and closed and people come in and out constantly, and everywhere you look, someone is beating off next to you (or at you, trying to get your attention). And if you do find some hottie and want to get to know him a bit better (even with just a friendly chat), you'll most likely end up surrounded by 10 guys trying to move in on your action faster than you can say "how about trying burke-williams instead". They're supposed to be opening up new facilities upstairs. I'm even hoping when they do they raise the prices to improve the clientele and crack down on some of the more blatant cruising which is scaring away a lot of the hot guys who are more on the DL who used to frequent the place.

    Commented on 9/5/2008 6:47:54 AM

  • Asian dude here, going this afternoon around 1PM looking to hook up with hot dudes there!

    Commented on 9/4/2008 2:48:15 AM

  • It's Sunday afternnon. I'm going there now. Just give your crotch a rub and lets play

    Commented on 8/31/2008 3:34:13 AM

  • The "quiet" room us usually active. I'm gonna swing by the Spa lthis afternoon hoping tto find a reason to be on my knees.

    Commented on 8/31/2008 3:02:14 AM

  • only cost 15 dollars iam going back saturday evening ill be there giving bjs hoping to get laid just look for the fat mex.

    Commented on 8/26/2008 7:14:23 AM

  • how much does it cost to get in? Thinking of checking this place out

    Commented on 8/26/2008 1:11:26 AM

  • yes went there today it was great more fun than a bath house. got laid and gave bjs its worth the money

    Commented on 8/25/2008 10:59:04 AM

  • Yep, Friday's are fun. Anyone else gonna be there... More latinos would be nice...

    Commented on 8/22/2008 7:48:55 AM

  • Had a good time here a couple of weekends ago, on a Saturday afternoon. Gonna go back again tonight to see if Fridays are as much fun. I sure hope so... Anyone else?

    Commented on 8/8/2008 10:00:21 AM