University of Southern California Bovard Auditorium (ADM)


University Park Campus

Is This Your Business?

Great location. Very large. Very quiet. Tons of s. Enter toward the south end of the building from the front. There should be a sign overhead for a men's room right above the door on the outside of the building. Walk down a hall, and pass the first men's room that's on the left. To the left is a flight of stairs that go down, and then up which lead you into the bathroom (no door at the entrance). To the first right are tons of urinals and sinks. The second right is where the s are. The last two s on the end have the s (removable tissue holder). This is a famous location that's been used for years. Grab a seat, drop pants to the floor and then stand up. If the person next to you in the does the same thing, he's interested. Guys will often hang around outside at the Trojan statue.

Adult features

Glory Hole,

Take 110 Freeway to Exposition Blvd. Center of campus at the Trojan statue.
  • Be careful of your surroundings. Campus security checks this place often. Best time is usually from 6:00 PM and later, but best not to be in there after 10:00 PM as security will jump on anyone they see entering the building.
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