L\'Aigle Noir (Black Eagle)


1315 rue Sainte Catherine Est


Is This Your Business?

This fetish leather rock bar sports the same friendly atmosphere and clientele you'll find at other "Black Eagle" bars worldwide. Warehouse Style Decor L’Aigle Noir’s décor is basic utilitarian and dark with its worn wood and exposed brick, giving this gay bar the look of an abandoned warehouse. There is gay art in abundance: sculptures doubling as lamp posts and some three dimensional works as well. A massive painting of men in uniform and leather attire is a focal point, as is the wall-length moon with the silhouette of a black eagle. L’Aigle Noir also has a pool table. Hot and Heavy There is no need to be intimidated at L’Aigle Noir, though this place can turn into quite the pickup scene if that’s what you’re looking for. Of the two bars, you’ll probably find the one at the back most intriguing; patrons seem to prefer the darker and intimate mood of this area. Hot films are shown on TVs around the bar as dance, techno and house music blares from the sound system. There’s a DJ every night spinning tunes. Entertaining Nights For those looking for a little extra zest in their lives, check out L'Aigle Noir's weekly "Wet Bobettes" (wet underwear) sensual soirée, as well as “Les Cases,” during which hundreds of dollars in prizes are given away. For its patrons' pleasure, L'Aigle Noir also schedules many other theme nights, keeping the clientele entertained and coming back.

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