Le Mystique


1424 rue Stanley


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Veteran Le Mystique is a 1970s institution and the longest-running gay bar in Montreal. When more and more gay bars moved east following the 1976 Olympics (reportedly because of increased police harassment and police raids, notably on Truxx in 1977, and—the last straw—Bud's in 1984), Le Mystique—with its dank, nostalgic ‘70s feel—remained behind. People come here to relax after work and meet new people. The clientele is mainly older and primarily Anglo. You Bring It They Spin It Le Mystique is B.Y.O.M: bring your own music. This bar invites patrons to bring what they want to hear. From Sinatra to Cher, the hits of today, Latin and even Broadway, this bar will play it all. With such a variety, Le Mystique keeps you guessing. Order from Upstairs Le Mystique caters to its clients. If you’re hungry, order a light snack or meal from the Stanley Pub right upstairs. They’ll bring it down to you. You can choose from the usual pub fare such as chicken wings, burgers, pizza, steak and pasta. Mystique Magic Head over to Le Mystique for themed Saturdays, like Flamenco Floozies night, when unique characters are never lacking. On Tuesdays, take advantage of the free pool and make some new friends. Le Mystique also celebrates the holidays, from Halloween to Saint-Patrick’s Day, and even your birthday: ask for the Mystique Magic.

Peel Metro, Open 4 p.m.-3 a.m.

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