Speers Point Park


Lake Road, Speers Point

Is This Your Business?

There are a couple of spy holes between the cubicles and one . The cubicle doors are cut down low so you can walk past and see straight in.
Crowd: Various ages, many married and blue-collar types.

Neighbourhood: Speers Point

Who's Coming

Various ages, many married and blue-collar types.

  • Crowd:Various ages, many married and blue-collar types.
  • Directions:As you drive along the esplande from warners bay there is an entrance to the right hand side just after the swimming pool follow the road to the large toilet blocks.

    Alernatly there is another entrance if you go thru the round about and turn left into the raod that heads to the boat ramp
    Cross street: The Esplanade
  • Hours:Update: Daytime only (locked up at 4pm)
    Best times: Daytime only (locked up at 4 pm), especially good around lunch weekdays.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Stand at the urinals or use the spy or glory holes between the cubicles.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Sometimes the oldies haunt the place a bit.
    Warnings: cruiser adds 10/14/2008: this beat is not good in daylight hours due to the huge number of families that visit the park.
    the average beat toilet wise works normally after daylight hours.

    Occasional attention by council ranger -- just be careful as with any beat.
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