Sansom Street Gym


Is This Your Business?

Located in the private and elegant Rittenhouse Square district. With our friendly, safe and clean environment you'll become a regular visitor in no time. This is a brand new facility, with a comfortable atmosphere, great prices and many enticing features. It is also conveniently located nearby the popular ADONIS THEATER. Stop in to see what 2020 Sansom Street Gym can offer you! Relax and enjoy yourself!

Adult features

Nudity, Glory Hole, Sling, Dark Room,

Membership Info

3 Month Membership- $22.00 6 Month Membership- $40.00 + comes with comped room Day Pass- $10.00 must purchase room or locker along with day pass

  • ALWAYS BUSY on the weekends... Especially when they have events going on.
whos coming to Sansom Street Gym
  • Incredibly pretentious (as well as rude & rough on the eyes) staff which I find to be bizarre considering they practically make minimum wage. If you are able to get a room temp shower then consider yourself lucky as hot water is never working.

    Commented on 8/26/2013 12:04:33 PM