1440 E Indian School Road


Is This Your Business?

The place is dark but comfortable. The clientele runs toward
bears and leather, with a smattering of everything else. Free are
available in numerous places around the facility. Although some of the rooms
are large enough for group play, there is no general group orgy area. (see
PET PEEVES) You can get just a locker, a small room (with a smallish cot),
larger rooms with slings or bigger beds, some large sling rooms (with lots
of mirrors), and many rooms are available with TVs with showing. You
always get a towel and a lock (either for your locker or your room). Memberships are needed but you can get one-time use memberships.
Crowd: bears, leathermen, older men, a few young men/twinks
Facilities: Lockers, rooms of various sizes and with various features, steam.

Who's Coming

bears, leathermen, older men, a few young men/twinks

W of Indian School & 16th St.
  • Crowd:bears, leathermen, older men, a few young men/twinks
    Facilities: Lockers, rooms of various sizes and with various features, steam.
  • Hours:24 hours
    Best times: after 7 pm and before 2 am
    Dates open: 24 hours
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Inquire at any open door... You can also get a room of your
    own, then go out and cruise the halls; you can hook up faster if you have a
    room to take someone to.
    Cruisiest Spots: cruiser Adds: There is hot action all over the club, sling rooms, glory hole maze, steamroom, and bunkroom.--The steamroom and the video lounge.There is a maze with gloryholes, as well as a stand up gloryhole room for people to rent out.
  • Nudity / Policy:As long as it's behind a locked room door, whatever floats.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to Chute
  • Bathhouses?

    Commented on 10/27/2014 7:42:06 PM

  • Great place

    Commented on 10/16/2013 9:08:00 AM

  • Geez! I thought I posted on the right board but looks like it went elsewhere.

    Wanted to let woofy tops know I'm cummin' to Chute tonight in 30 min! Let's have fun, men!

    Commented on 6/18/2009 9:15:32 AM

  • What a great time I had on Wednesday. Looking forward to my trip back to PHX....

    Commented on 6/18/2009 6:16:45 AM

  • Have the evening free, so going to head over for a few hours.

    Commented on 6/13/2009 11:27:26 AM

  • Hi Men.. Going to be in town on Wednesday. I always have the best time here! Hope to see some rock hard TOPs here.

    Commented on 6/13/2009 3:35:13 AM

  • Will be there from noon til whenever tonight. Check out my profile and stop by for some fun.

    Commented on 5/28/2009 2:46:37 AM

  • anyone for any fun on Saturday afternoon?

    Commented on 5/22/2009 11:06:17 AM

  • headed Chute this morning to use the gym... and maybe a furry butt.

    Commented on 5/20/2009 12:10:54 PM

  • Will be at Chute on Wednesday from about 10 AM until 2 PM looking for hot action -- BBCs receive 1st priority!

    Commented on 5/19/2009 2:52:10 AM

  • i wanna go tonight and meet up with some fit guys who are into younger cute chubs. a group would be fun!

    Commented on 5/2/2009 7:49:16 AM

  • ANY tops wanna find me here today? and take his turn?

    Commented on 4/30/2009 11:24:03 AM

  • Will be there tomorrow for a few hours starting around noon. Check out my profile and stop by for some fun.

    Commented on 4/30/2009 6:11:40 AM

  • Guy with long hair is an a**. rude and disrespectful. rest of staff is fine. This clerk needs an eye opener. if you know what I mean

    Commented on 4/30/2009 6:09:49 AM

  • Hot guy after midnight with long hair were u drunk when u checked in cause u musta been.

    Commented on 4/28/2009 4:24:04 AM

  • Headed here around 11 today. Check out my profile and stop by for lunch if you're interested.

    Commented on 4/23/2009 11:50:32 AM

  • Will be at the Chute next weekend.....all weekend and looking for a pnp play partner. Will have sling room, toys and $$ for party favors. Quality, versatile bottom guy here.......5'8", 150, toned build, nice piece, firm butt, tight hole, zero attitude and fun fun fun to play guys younger than 35 PLEASE.....I prefer older adn experienced men. Thanks! Shawn )

    Commented on 4/23/2009 4:16:16 AM

  • Had a great time last night, Friday, at Chute.

    Lot of guys and a lot going on.

    Loads of fun.

    Thanks Buds!

    Commented on 4/18/2009 11:40:55 AM

  • Two English guys comimg to Phoenix, like the sound of bears and leather crowd!

    Commented on 4/11/2009 10:46:23 AM

  • Will be there on Thursday from 12-5 looking for some group fun. Prefer mature white guys.

    Commented on 3/31/2009 1:48:22 AM

  • Was there today, had a great time great time.... Mike from Houston, please email me. I would like to keep in touch.
    I had a great time with you.

    Commented on 3/29/2009 1:50:58 AM

  • What is the pricing here?

    Commented on 3/25/2009 8:53:27 AM

  • Will be there from 2-5 this afternoon (Monday).

    Commented on 3/23/2009 4:26:21 AM

  • never been, but would love to go

    Commented on 3/21/2009 10:32:03 AM

  • Thinking about spending the day there Saturday anyone up for some fun or know how busy it gets during the day?

    Commented on 3/21/2009 3:56:49 AM

  • meeting a couple of buddies there around 12:30pm today - come join in!

    Commented on 3/20/2009 12:34:55 PM

  • i';; be there tonight (monday) from 5-9

    Commented on 3/2/2009 5:33:59 AM

  • Thursday night! 8:30?

    Commented on 2/25/2009 9:13:34 AM


    Commented on 2/25/2009 4:58:03 AM

  • how much is entry?

    Commented on 2/25/2009 2:33:17 AM

  • thursday works for me - day or night - let me know

    Commented on 2/25/2009 2:32:03 AM

  • Hey txhungrybear - i'll meet you there this week - let me know when you'll be there

    Commented on 2/24/2009 12:36:26 PM

  • Hi BiMarried, On my way now. 08:30 tuesday night. will also be there again Thursday night. Hope to see you there or at my hotel room.

    Commented on 2/24/2009 10:35:04 AM

  • I want to go tonight but I have never been here or with a guy, Is this a good place 2 go 4 my first time?

    Commented on 2/21/2009 5:22:20 AM

  • Will be there today from noon until around 6. Looking for mature guys for some group action.

    Commented on 2/16/2009 12:12:59 PM

  • Anyone going tonight?

    Commented on 2/6/2009 8:06:22 AM

  • Will be there from 2-6 today, Thursday. Looking for white gents over 40 for one on one or group play.

    Commented on 2/5/2009 3:54:48 AM

  • Woof! I am looking for bear tops at Chute this Wednesday!! Hope to see you there!

    Commented on 2/1/2009 12:52:07 PM

  • To room 139, thanks for last Friday! That was hot! Bearhugs, room 146

    Commented on 2/1/2009 11:18:30 AM

  • Hey I don't mean to suggest you're paranoid. That's harsh.
    Sorry asstoyboy!

    Commented on 1/30/2009 12:50:50 PM

  • I own Chute., Chute and Flex were BOTH raided once and only once, over six years ago. This does not make either business "prone to raids".
    I agree with Fun4bears. Don't be paranoid.

    Commented on 1/30/2009 11:25:01 AM

  • hey guys - will at chute from 5-9 - stop by and join me

    Commented on 1/30/2009 4:05:51 AM

  • "Don't be paranoid"? why would asking about a police car sitting out back of the type of place that is prone to raids be paranoid? Can someone else, who doesn't have such a obvious stake in this business, address this?

    Commented on 1/29/2009 9:36:45 AM

  • weekdays after 11am are usually grrreat! check it out.

    Commented on 1/28/2009 7:18:00 AM

  • Are there any weekdays / times (daytime) that are best. Thinking about going this Friday, late morning. Thanks!

    Commented on 1/28/2009 5:41:51 AM

  • phoenix police often use the lot behind chute's lot to write reports after making an arrest or traffic stop on the street.
    Chute staff will also call police if someone is trespassing and won't leave the property. The police are your friends!
    Don't be paranoid.

    Commented on 1/27/2009 8:10:03 AM

  • I meant police car, not cart

    Commented on 1/26/2009 8:25:14 AM

  • anyone know why a police patrol cart was sitting out back Sat afternoon?

    Commented on 1/26/2009 8:24:26 AM

  • Hey Men
    Heading up around noon today (fri Jan 23) hope to find some fun top guys

    Commented on 1/23/2009 3:26:29 AM

  • Will be at Chute on Thursday from about 11 AM til 3 PM, looking for hot BBCs!

    Commented on 1/21/2009 9:06:39 AM

  • heading there monday am around 11 and will probably stay until 3-4. looking for other masculine guys under 50 to join in

    Commented on 1/18/2009 5:07:18 AM

  • This will be my 1st time here also';thinkinbg of going tonight after midnight;i am very safe.discreet and real looking for masc types..

    Commented on 1/17/2009 10:32:58 AM

  • i have never been is there someone willing to help me get past my nervs

    Commented on 1/17/2009 4:36:19 AM

  • the guy fixing up the rooms during the day is really hot! who is he?

    Commented on 1/14/2009 6:05:59 AM

  • I am heading to Chutes on Monday the 19th looking for some fun. Anybody going to be there?

    Commented on 1/14/2009 2:35:43 AM

  • In Phoenix this weekend (16-17th). Looking for a take-charge top to serve at Chute during late evenings. Solo or group.

    Commented on 1/12/2009 9:12:36 AM

  • hey...any chance i might hang out in your room and watch some group action? thanks

    Commented on 1/11/2009 12:40:42 PM

  • was there until about 1:30 am. Big hairy muscledude and his 4 buddies were hot! heard he was some kindof pornstar. had to be!

    Commented on 1/11/2009 5:47:05 AM

  • Headed here tomorrow (Friday) at noon. Looking for older white gents, hopefully for some group fun.

    Commented on 1/1/2009 6:34:53 AM

  • 12/29/08 heading up to chute around noon..looking to get drilled several times..see ya there

    Commented on 12/29/2008 12:41:45 PM

  • i wuold give chutes a 5 out of 5 if i could vote more than once! today was super hot.

    Commented on 12/29/2008 4:57:30 AM

  • going to chutes tonite to see about saturday nite meatmarket,
    after midnight discount rooms and lockers. always have a hot time at chute with lotsof bears and regular guys.

    Commented on 12/27/2008 9:27:17 AM

  • Headed to the chute this afternoon and will spend most of the day and early evening there looking for fun and group play.

    Commented on 12/24/2008 12:51:25 PM

  • headed over to the chute this afternoon... looking for group fun.

    Commented on 12/20/2008 12:49:22 PM

  • Going there this afternoon from 12-4. Looking for mature white guys that may be into some group action.

    Commented on 12/18/2008 12:17:25 PM

  • Going there today, the 14th, at around 12-ish until 4:00. P.M. that is. Come on down.

    Commented on 12/14/2008 6:44:36 AM

  • yeah - ages range from 20's on up. friday afternoons are a great time to go - usually gets busy around 2 until late night

    Commented on 12/10/2008 1:12:10 AM

  • any young men in this place 30 -50 ?

    Commented on 12/7/2008 9:42:33 AM

  • i'll be there friday from 11-4 - stop by and have some greoup fun in my room

    Commented on 12/4/2008 6:27:30 AM

  • Headed here early this afternoon. Hoping to have some group fun.

    Commented on 12/4/2008 1:41:05 AM

  • Cost is 19 for a locker (yes they provide locks), or 21 for a room. That is the non member rate and is good for 6 hours.

    Commented on 12/3/2008 4:57:41 AM

  • I will be visiting later in December. This place sounds hot. Is it the best bathhouse in Phoenix? What is the cost? It states you need to bring a lock. Do the lockers and rooms not lock? How long do you rent the ooms for?

    Commented on 12/2/2008 11:26:04 AM

  • Hey Phxanallover....
    We have something in common because the sling in Rm 124 is where I lost my anal virginity...It was to this hot white dude and I loved it before then I had been strictly top but after that I am a vert and enjoy it a lot...

    Commented on 11/30/2008 9:09:52 AM

  • hey guys - i'll be there saturday from 11-3 or so - stop by and join in the fun

    Commented on 11/28/2008 9:16:01 AM