Flex Phoenix


1517 South Black Canyon Highway

Is This Your Business?

Free prophylactics. Magnificence openings line the dark puzzle as well as multi-tiered orgy space. Dark coves throughout the center. Food, drink vending location with excellent within sight neglecting hot tub as well as pool. Getaway the warm Phoenix az temperatures inside this cooled, comfortable setting. Exterior warmed pool, steam room, sauna, full weight health club, exclusive dressing, unwinding areas. Level display TV's in the bigger areas that border the pool. Resting area with a huge flat display TELEVISION. Daily membership $8, rates range from $4 storage lockers on off days to $60 for large space with TELEVISION and also bath.

Hours of Activity

Be direct
the strong as well as beautiful love the straight approach.Cruisiest Spot: Morning
mid-day: sunbathing. Early night: steam room
shower. After dark: orgy space
maze.There is a dark room here and also a splendor hole maze. Great deals of chances for some difficult cock

Who's Coming

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Monday is $4 locker day and that generates a good crowd, especially during lunch and also right after job. Weekend breaks are hectic, especially the late evenings and Sunday afternoons can be fairly busy too.Weekdays 6 pm-6 am. Weekend break 6 pm Friday thru 6 am Monday.

  • Nudity is allowed anywhere and also road garments are not enabled.
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