LA Fitness - Playa Vista


5570 Lincoln Blvd

Is This Your Business?

Cruisy Restroom with sauna and showers connected to locker area. LA Fitness membership is required, but they do offer day passes, however you would need to listen to a sales pitch (not worth it if you are not currently a gym participant). Really hectic locker space, but the restroom, sauna as well as showers are connected by a corridor. You can see the urinals from the Sauna, and also some individuals stand at the urinals longer than common to display.

Hours of Activity

Open up from 5am to 11pm. Cruisy all day
however activity is generally after the peak fitness center times. Late Early mornings with very early afternoon the club is less active as well as the personnel is typically working or at lunch. Additionally late nights after 8pm

Who's Coming

Corner of Lincoln Blvd and Jefferson Blvd. In Playa Panorama, Simply East of Playa del Rey, as well as South of Marina del Rey.

Corner of Lincoln Blvd and Jefferson Blvd. In Playa Panorama, Just East of Playa del Rey, and South of Marina del Rey.
  • You can see practically every person in the storage locker room via the complete length of the wall surface mirrors. Individuals will act like they aren't looking, however there is eye call and individuals enter into the washroom, sauna and shower room in the back. The very best place to see cocks is from the Sauna as well as there is some understall activity in the larger handicap bathroom stall where people cant see your feet. Additionally the last 2 shower stalls are around an edge and also can not be seen quickly
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