The Tea Room Theater


145 Eddy Street

(415) 928-0810

Is This Your Business?

It has 3 projection rooms, the main one is like a regular movie screen, and the other 2 are TVs. The theater is really clean, but it has some smell... There are 2 bathrooms, also pretty clean, and it's the perfect place for , and maybe anal if you are into that. There is no one watching you, like in most of the Arcades in the city, so you will be pretty fee to enjoy the $12.00 you pay to get in or $8.00 if you are an early bird (9am - 10am)available only M thru F, not Saturday and Sunday.
--------Last but not least, they offer $2.00 passes, so you can get in take a break and come back, up to 2 times, unless the switch shifts, than you can do more. Oops, almost forgot, they offer strip shows every 4 hours (not sure about) at no additional cost.

Neighbourhood: Tenderloin

It is located in between Taylor St. and Mason St. on Eddy St. If you are taking a BART or MUNI, you should stop at Powell Street Station and use Cyrill Magnin St. / 5th St. exit. All the buses that ride on Market St. will take you to the same Powell St stop.
  • Hours:Anytime is a good time a t the Tea Room Theater. In the morning and during the day you will find a mostly mature crowd. Bears, Chubbies, Daddies will be there waiting on you most of the time. Towards the evening its time for the mostly lean, fit, youngsters. Lots of Asians, Latinos, and Indians.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Hooking up is a matter of minutes, if you are picky, you better let your eyes to get used to the dark and then you go for it. If you just want some anonymous BJ, just wait for hands to touch your crotch and then zip down.... you will get the best BJ in town! Also make sure you always play safe!
  • Nudity / Policy:Nudity is allowed, solo and mutual masturbation is also allowed, everything else, may not be allowed, but since there is no one to watch or stop you, you can go for it... I've seen people getting laid several times.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Its not very handicap friendly, since they will just be able to use the first room, the other rooms, you need to take the stairs. I do believe they would be able to help anyone who wants to get inside. Most of the staff are really friendly and discreet.
  • Warnings:As I said, the place is pretty safe and secure. The neighborhood is kinda bad. Lots of drug dealers, crackheads, hustlers, homelesses, but once you are inside, it's heaven. ;)
whos coming to The Tea Room Theater
  • Was there on a Friday at around 4:00 pm. Definitely an older crowd. Not a bad place, but not worth the $12 fee. Dancer was friendly, but not my type. The neighborhood was NOT very nice, and I wouldn't want to be there late at night.

    Commented on 6/16/2009 9:44:43 AM

  • would like to perform at the tearoom
    do they have auditions?
    email me thanks

    Commented on 6/16/2009 1:27:37 AM

  • I'll be there trying to give white haired grandpas with smooth asses a good day to remember this Memorial Day!

    Commented on 5/25/2009 1:14:44 AM

  • Will be here Friday morning looking for old men in suits to play with!

    Commented on 5/8/2009 11:25:40 AM

  • "Spring special Tuesdays" at the Tearoom seem to be pretty popular - $8 admission any time of day rather than just the first hour as on other days. Attendance has picked up (at least during the day - haven't checked out the evenings), and there is usually enough variety of men to ensure hitting up with someone (or several guys). The patrons do tend to be more the 'grandpa" type, but that's life - and there are enough hot guys to make it worthwhile, especially for $8. I played with half a dozen guys last Tuesday and the same number today - the latter including a hot threesome.

    The Tearoom management still hasn't figured out that they're wasting money paying performers for live shows which most of the patrons don't watch. When a show starts, 75% or more of the patrons in the main theater move to the back rooms, leaving only only half a dozen or so to watch the show. And the crowding of the back rooms during the shows restricts the amount of playing that can occur then. Maybe someday they'll figure this out....

    Commented on 5/5/2009 6:57:27 AM

  • Tuesdays are now $8 all day and a return pass is $2. This seems to have caused a big increase in customers.

    Commented on 4/15/2009 1:00:24 AM

  • Ill be at the theater on Friday morning until afternoon, looking for visiting, mature, nude or suited men to play with!

    Commented on 4/9/2009 10:35:09 AM

  • The Tearoom has signs at its entrance announcing a "spring special" admission price. Starting 4/7, admission of Tuesdays will be $8 all day - not just for the first hour as on other days (M-F).

    Dunno how long this will last, but if it brings in hot men, it's a good thing. if it boosts attendance, perhaps management could be persuaded to reduce their price generally (although not necessarily to $8 all the time - too much to expect....)

    Commented on 4/5/2009 12:11:50 PM

  • love playing here except for some of the men who don't understand no means no... not now or later... as if i'm going to change my mind.

    Commented on 4/5/2009 1:25:55 AM

  • dam wish i was there with you sunsetprtywhor, i was loaded and thick that night.

    Commented on 4/2/2009 2:40:44 AM

  • Heading to SF tomorrow for a mini vacation til Sunday... looking to play!

    Commented on 3/12/2009 3:22:59 AM

  • Will be here Thursday and Friday morning serving thick, high protein breakfasts to white haired men in suits. Show up and I'll serve you a nice big juicy load!

    Commented on 2/12/2009 9:01:22 AM

  • Will be here on thursday and friday..

    Commented on 12/3/2008 10:25:06 AM

  • suzi, you didn't have to drop me like you did. a simple I am not interested anymore tim would have been the gentlemanly thing to do.

    Commented on 11/23/2008 1:37:37 AM

  • Will be here with a big erection looking for older suited men on their way home from work this afternoon after work.

    Commented on 11/14/2008 9:39:12 AM

  • This is not a place for women.
    No doors.

    Commented on 9/8/2008 4:22:55 AM

  • What are the bathrooms like? It says two bathrooms, are they one for men and the other for women? Are there stalls in both. Do they have doors or open to view?

    Commented on 9/8/2008 3:04:40 AM

  • I am going to be in the city tomorrow and am wondering if there is much mid day activity here on Sundays.

    Commented on 9/6/2008 2:02:41 AM

  • What are the Tea Room's hours? I read through all of the comments and they reference a closing time, but never say what time it is. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

    Commented on 8/30/2008 3:20:56 AM

  • Gonna be hangin-out again this afternoon and evening,,and ofcourse,lookin for some meat as usual.

    Commented on 8/18/2008 11:25:12 AM

  • Any smooth bodied, married old men over 50 want to come meet me at Tea Room this morning?

    Commented on 8/16/2008 10:17:19 AM

  • one last send off as i head off into unchartered waters

    Commented on 7/12/2008 8:02:36 AM

  • This place sounds fun. I'm visiting SF for the week and will spend some time here...hoping to service some hot mascl hairy guys...

    Commented on 7/12/2008 7:41:45 AM