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Is This Your Business?

Editor warns you 12/3/2004: 'Police activity has been pretty intense during the last few months, in part due to the appointment of a new chief for the force. Expect plain-clothed cops, sting operations and the works. Located in the heart of the gay area, this park has been a cruising spot for more than a century. Gay organizations are talking with the authorities but there's still no response from them regarding this issue.'
Beatiful Historical Park -- one of the city's oldest. Home of Seattle Art Museum, Volunteer Park Conservatory (Greenhouse) -- worth a trip even if not for ! Lots of shrubbery and places to meet, though it has been pruned quite a bit in recent years. 11/29/04 A cruiser reports: Bathrooms are indeed closed for winter, but the water tower remains open (during posted hours - roughly daylight hours - different than the regular park hours...) -- however, since the access gates to the tower stairwells are locked & unlocked by Parks & Rec staff, there are certain days that the tower remains inaccessible all day. Likewise, on occasion, the tower remains unlocked long after sundown and into the dark, which can be pretty fun!) By positioning yourself correctly, you can have fun up in the tower while still keeping track of anyone making their way up the looong, spiral stairwells!
Crowd: Gay, Bi, Curious

Who's Coming

Gay, Bi, Curious

  • Crowd:Gay, Bi, Curious
  • Hours:4:30AM - 11:30PM (but ALWAYS action, just watch out for police after hours)
    Best times: After dark til sun-up
    Dates open: 4:30AM - 11:30PM (but ALWAYS action, just watch out for police after hours)
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Restrooms, water tower, bushes. Look for lots of parked cars
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Police can be annoying -- just use common sense and you should be fine. Beware roving gangs. 12/03/04 A cruiser reports: ..as in every election year, Police have cramped the style of the free & easy pick ups in the bathrooms & drive around. Guys still sit in their cars & watch the people passing by, flash lights & generally go someplace else. Walking around the park at night is no longer safe. Cameras are now on the Reservoir area, as action used to take place in that secure area & they want it stopped. Neigbors complained a lot to police.
    Warnings: Beware of being caught after hours. It's a $170 fine! Just keep eyes out for police (sometimes on bikes). They aren't very good at being sneaky!
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