Boeing Field


7277 Perimeter Road

Is This Your Business?

Very, VERY, private restroom in the main lobby of the airport terminal. I have never seen anyone there, but I was there today during lunch and hardly anyone came in. We can try to turn it into a cruising spot.

Neighbourhood: George Town

Boeing field terminal East side of the field.
  • Directions:Boeing field terminal East side of the field.
  • Hours:24hrs
    Best times: Unknown at this time
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Tap foot for action or watch reflection on tile to see who's jacking.
    Cruisiest Spots: Men's restroom in lobby.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Obviously, there is security at the airport. It is impossible to see under the from the door into the restroom, so there is time to safely compose oneself.
whos coming to Boeing Field