Steamworks formerly Club Seattle


1520 Summit Ave.


Is This Your Business?

I was there again last night and within ONE MINUTE of getting naked I was in a private room (I left the door ajar so guys could watch) on my knees, deep throating a beautiful young thin man-boy. He had a great about 2 hands long of medium thickness. We migrated into a hot 69 till he got overstimulated and rolled over. He had such a yummy little that I just HAD to lube him up with my tongue and him. After that, I migrated into the cage area and on two different occasions was sucking on two great big beautiful s at once. It's easy, you, just get in the cage and drop your towel and chum a guy into the next booth, and when someone stops to watch you sucking him you grab at the front of his towel and then you have two dicks within a foot of each other. It's pretty darn , sucker !
Crowd: Anybody, good luck!
Facilities: Steam shower rooms maze etc

Who's Coming

Anybody, good luck!

Capitol Hill Area.
Cross street: Between Pike & Pine
  • Crowd:Anybody, good luck!
    Facilities: Steam shower rooms maze etc
  • Directions:Capitol Hill Area.
    Cross street: Between Pike & Pine
  • Hours:24/7
    Best times: Weekend nights are busiest; weekday afternoons also good.
    Dates open: 24/7
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Show it hard.
    Cruisiest Spots: All!
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes / Mot, really. Mostly towels, but
    Policy: Whatever? But encouraged.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Need carpet in GH cage maze room!
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