Residential Pools


Potter Street Waterloo

Is This Your Business?

Often enterance is not closed so you can enter pool area without swipe card. No one checks entry.
Crowd: All sorts. Hot boys!

Neighbourhood: Waterloo

Who's Coming

All sorts. Hot boys!

Resident access.
Cross street: Potter St and Gadigal Road
  • Crowd:All sorts. Hot boys!
  • Directions:Resident access.
    Cross street: Potter St and Gadigal Road
  • Hours:7pm till 10pm all week.
    Best times: Evening around 7.30 -10.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Be discreet. Residents only. Heaps of potential so don't ruin it.
    Cruisiest Spots: Update 3/23/2008: the steam room is now gone and it has been converted to a locker room. All the action is now in the mens sauna and mens shower.
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  • Sit in steam room and discretely rub yourself. If you see something you like, go over and sit next to him. It's very steamy in here and hard too see in from the door, so sit up the back. Plenty of time to stop if unexpected guests come in. Sauna is not as private but still doable. Males toilet down the back has a shower with no lock. Stand in shower and jerk your . Somoene is sure to come in and join you if you give them a sign.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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