Eastgate Shopping Centre


71-73 Spring St

(02) 9387 6377

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Between Priceline and The Reject Shop..1st level up escalators

Neighbourhood: Bondi Junction

Any Bus Train to Bondi Junction..
Cross street: Cnr Spring & Newland st
  • Directions:Any Bus Train to Bondi Junction..
    Cross street: Cnr Spring & Newland st
  • Hours:between 10 -4pm...only open daytimes
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Stand at urinals or go into first cubicle on left there is small gap in door which u can see into cubicle where u wash your hands...may get someones attention..!!
    Cruisiest Spots: There are two male toilets in the building. This is the only one which goes; the toilet on the lower floor has its doors open constantly and no-one cruises there. It also stinks.
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  • The good toilet closes about 6 pm and has intermittent activity all day long.
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  • The better of the two cubicles is the one nearer the hand-dryer, as it is easier to display yourself to someone who is taking a long time to wash his hands! The gaps in the doors work well for viewing but this is not a good toilet for doing a lot in the cubicles, as security guards and enthusiastic cleaners are often in attendance. Nearby (10 mins) Harley Place Medical Centre on Oxford Street, diagonally opposite Borders Books at Westfield, has male toilets on most levels which are good, quiet places to take your new friends. But no-one cruises there.
  • Nudity / Policy:No.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / No.
  • Warnings:Security and cleanrers are around so be careful.
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