Centennial Park


Is This Your Business?

A cruiser helps us out:
There are at least TWO cruising areas in this park. The one described in your Guide , the one beside Oxford Street, is in CARRINGTON DRIVE and may be described as the NORTHERN beat.
As stated in the Guide it is a nocturnal beat, largely because of its open nature and proximity to the boundary of the park.
The only other cruising area known to me is what I call the CENTRAL beat. This is in DICKENS DRIVE. See attached map on which both beats are marked with pink triangles.
DICKENS DRIVE bisects the cruising area which consists of a toilet block adjacent to a belt of trees to the north, and a paperbark (Melaleuca) forest called LACHLAN SWAMP to the south.
NOTE: There are two identical toilet blocks in Dickens Drive, this is the eastern one.
Most men park in Dickens Drive and walk the circuit.
The park is open to vehicles sunrise to sunset every day except on one monthly vehicle-free day .
Park staff knows what goes on here and from time to time someone is put on Beat Duty. This means sitting in a truck parked beside the swamp with the orange flashing light turned on.
This discourages Cruisers for a while.
Best times are mid morning to late afternoon with an emphasis on midday. There may be action at night in summer for those prepared to find a gap in the perimeter fence of the park and walk to its centre.No action when it rains.

previous: Centennial Park is a very large park, has many bushy places to get off in. During the day time it is very pretty with a lot of people walking dogs or rollerblading or jogging. You can also sunbathe there, although not in the nude.
Crowd: All types.

Neighbourhood: Bondi Junction

Who's Coming

All types.

Buses 380, 378 and 382.
  • Crowd:All types.
  • Directions:Buses 380, 378 and 382.
  • Hours:Morning and 1 am.
    Best times: Around dusk and onwards.
    Dates open: Morning and 1 am.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Walk up and down the road or just sit for a while, you can see where people are particularly cruising.
    Cruisiest Spots: Road running parallel to Oxford St in the Park, near water-pumping station.
  • Nudity / Policy:Depends on how much attention you want!
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:It is rather dark at night, particularly when there is no moon out -- you have to get close to see what the others look like. Wear some good shoes in case you follow someone in the bushes.
whos coming to Centennial Park
  • Great spot in summer. Love the night action but you do have to watch out for the ranger patrols since you are trespassing on enclosed lands.

    Commented on 4/27/2011 7:27:58 PM