SydneyMen Parties


Is This Your Business?

Who we are

A network of friends who run non profit invitation only parties for guys who enjoy uninhibited, safe, group with HOT yet WARM MEN.

The Mantra

We have three basic principles to encourage guys to enjoy themselves, to feel good, and to keep their friends healthy.

Gotta get naked
No Attitude
Safe Always
How the Mantra is defined

Over the years various guys have defined what the mantra means:

Gotta get naked
We remove shoes or boots for safety reasons. Socks, thongs, slippers OK. Accessories like harnesses, rings, arm bands, bandanas are OK.
No Attitude
We say yes enthusiastically, say no politely.
Safe Always
We always use , latex gloves, water based lubricant.
We watch out for personal hygiene, always have clean hands, are aware of cuts and abrasions, bleeding gums, colds and flu, herpes, cold sores.

We also feel safe in being ourselves, free from the prying eyes of unnecessary publicity, free from tacky gossip. The details of what happens at MEN parties and who does whom should stay within the group.

We feel safe in the knowledge that our mailing list is confidential.

Neighbourhood: Darlinghurst

Ask Us
  • Directions:Ask Us
  • Hours:We will let you know
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Crusing areas for men.
  • Nudity / Policy:Fully Nudity & only safe as and lubs are always provided
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Ask Us
  • Warnings:There are no problems , All Legal
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